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Posted on November 19 at 8:42 a.m.

got it bc. Danimal claimed to be a detective on the case, and I tend to believe it. He put his name at the bottom and REALLY provided an fiery inside point of view. I think it was obvious that he WAS a policeman on the case, 1 by the way he recalled the events that led up to Ben's capture, and 2 by the anger he expressed to the author about her showing compassion for a man that could have easily taken the life of a fellow officer as well as innocent by standards and the victims. It was just saucy, fiery, and a charged up inside point of view. I appreciated the passion that was behind it. BTW i really enjoyed your points...

italiansurg of ego, incase you get confused, this post is not in response to yours...

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Posted on November 18 at 8:53 p.m.

italiansurg of ego-That is fine that YOUR opinion is that it is neither novel nor enlightening. You are entitled to your own opinion, and many other people have that same opinion, that's fine, that's great, that's what it's all about. The people that were in line with what you were saying didn't feel the need to speak for everyone else.

Do you actually think that everyone who might agree with you also thinks "At least this guy is not Latino..."

Hey I'm going to speak to the majority too, it sounds fun, can I borrow your soapbox for a second? I found one.

"Hey majority! Don't 'hope' Ben expires behind bars! He most definitely will rot/die there, no doubt about it!"

italiansurg of ego, if sociopaths are "...finding a vast pool of lame brains to believe their b.s." and, by the way, they also tend to be racist. Have you taken inventory?

Not to be calling anyone here a lame brain, other than you italiansurg of ego, and maybe Draxor, and myself for actually letting things get to me.

As system17 and the Beatles said "come together, love one another right now"

And I loved the post that Danimal had up. I'm sorry you had to take it down site staff...

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Posted on November 18 at 3:50 p.m.

Ranigirl, thanks for the bottom line. I got interrupted, but I too thought that it was a well written piece. It just so happens that I knew Ben, and as ashamed of him as I am, and even though there are many people out there with good reason to think the opposite of what I'm about to say, it was good to know that his brain and intellect have not gone to complete s h i t.

It's a risky thing to read. Especially if one can keep their mind open the whole time...

I have the feeling that you, italiansurg of ego, got on your soap box after you read the first few lines. No one elected you to speak for them. You don't need to tell me "...what is operative to the majority of people..." or "The rest of us only are affected by..." Speak for yourself!

Eckermann, I think a human interest piece has done it's job if you are left wondering about bigger questions...

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Posted on November 18 at 10:39 a.m.

I too, knew Greenspon, and like system17 am biased about the story. It's easy too deem him a scumbag, refuse, psychopathic terror. Fact of the matter is that he became exactly that. We who knew him, knew a different person than the one in the papers. It was absolutely messed up and selfish what he did, and how he affected his victims lives, and what he became. Heartbreakingly so.

There is a thing called "unconditional love", that many people who have people like Ben, or any addict, in their lives must relate too. From an outsiders view it's easy to take the callused approach. "Let him rot!" If you had a gun in your face you are entitled to that sentiment.

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