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Posted on July 27 at 11:17 a.m.

In my 33 years of general trial law practice in Riverside County, I challenged the constitutionality of the drug prohibition laws in every dope defense case I handled.
First I contended that there was a constitutional lack of equal protection between users of dope and users of liquor. This seemed to get the attention of Justice Kaufman of the Fourth District Court of Appeal, Division II, but there was no reversal and no hearing granted by the California Supreme Court and not long after that the system drastically increased penalties for drunk driving.
After Roe v. Wade I started contending that if the constitutional right of privacy had been enlarged to the extent that a citizen had a privacy right to abort a fetus that this privacy right would logically also apply to a citizen ingesting dope and later on when Lawrence v Texas came down with its beautiful definition of "liberty" I would contend that if the constitutional right to liberty had been expanded so much that sodomy was deemed to be a protected activity that this right of liberty must also protect from criminal prosecution the ingestion of dope by the citizen. The trial and appeals courts gave short shrift to these defenses and at least one time held that liberty and privacy defenses were not applicable as I was comparing apples to oranges..
Finally, I submitted an additional contention that substantive due process made dope prohibition laws unconstitutional because drug use is a medical, not a criminal condition and because the prohibition laws, for example, increased the cost of heroin so much from the cost of the sleeping poppy at the farmgate to the cost to the heroin user on the street (about an 800% increase) that the unfortunate addict, who may have quickly become addicted to heroin by chasing the dragon (smoking it) no longer could choose to not use the forbidden sh#t would invariable end injecting the sh#t so that the sh#t would last longer in his or her system greatly increasing the potential of harm to the addict, all to no avail.
The word is that the systems have now been weighed in the divine balance and that the systems have been found to be inadequate and that the systems are being brought to an end just as in the days of Daniel. Word further is that this time the systems will be replaced not by the Kingdom of the Persians but by das Königreich Gottes, the Kingdom of God, le Royaume de Dieu.
In my opinion, this adverse finding against the systems relates substantially to the incorrigibility of the systems in perpetuating these drug prohibition laws especially where this incorrigibility is resulting from financial bias on the part of the lawmaking systems. The systems have become hopelessly addicted to the vast amounts of unmarked money which is generated by the black markets always created by these cruel laws.
Too bad for them.

Peter Amschel, CSB # 56448
UCSB 1963 - 1966

On Man Arrested for Reportedly Growing Weed for L.A. Dispensaries

Posted on August 6 at 4:37 p.m.

Other suggestions:
Keep your dogs and cats out of the house.
Take off your shoes before entering your house.
Put a night light in the lower plug of an electric outlet in each room of your house and place a pie tin filled with soapy water on the floor directly below each light.
Fear Overby.

On Flea Control

Posted on March 14 at 12:28 a.m.

Little Mike's gettin' it together! Let's all give him a little bee space this time agreed? Pete

On Jackson Refinances Neverland

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