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Posted on March 28 at 9:02 a.m.

I also walk regularly through the Arbor Mall, and the signs that these particular protestors showed:

are by *no means* commonplace in the Arbor Mall, which is home also to lots of lunch food places.

UC Campuses are highly regulated spaces. The purpose of the UC Campuses is education, research, and service, not what any random person thinks is appropriate.

That is why President Sproul was able to enforce is Rule 17 that kept speech he didn't approve off campus until President Kerr (and the regents) reversed that. And indeed, Governor Reagan fired Kerr for that. Also, a lot of nasty FBI surveillance and disruption was initiated by Reagan that destroyed a lot of lives, including Mario Savio's.

But in any case, the regulations loosened by Kerr apply only to *speech* and were never loosened for big posters and signs. Prior approval is needed for posters and signs of the size that the recent protestors displayed, and they did not seek nor get approval under Regents' Policy 100014.

I don't in any way defend or condone Miller-Young's action in removing the signs, or in pushing the anti-abortion demonstrators.

Also, the anti-abortion protestors are free to make their case verbally and with literature on the Arbor Mall.

I was approached by them and did not find them polite. Pushy and stressed is a better portrayal. But they were easily within the envelope of acceptable behavior.

Those signs, however, have no place next to the place where I buy lunch. The protestors would never have got them approved, had they gone through the well-established procedure. They evaded the proper regulations that govern the UCSB campus.

On A Voltaire Moment for Liberals

Posted on March 13 at 9:45 a.m.

Want to understand why a black kid runs from the deputies?


Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Kharey Wise, Yusef Salaam .

On VIDEO: Footage of Isla Vista Mob Scene Released

Posted on March 12 at 12:44 p.m.

Well, mesadad, as far as I can tell the burning of the bank in Feb. 1970 wasn't any different than this incident. The bank burning started because a student was drinking wine from a bottle on the way back from the Kunstler speech, and the deputies didn't like it. Eventually the SoCal disrespect for authority raged up, the deputies were driven out of town, and the bank was burned.

Lots of myth making has transpired since then, but teenage rage is to me the most likely explanation of the 1970 riots in IV. And deputies getting too righteous, and going too far, like killing Kevin Moran, who was actually defending the (second) bank from arsonists.

Another thread has been `zero-tolerance' for black students, whether in 1968 or 1991, when the deputies misjudged a gathering of black students in the parking lot of the old Anaconda (the site of the rebuilt BofA, now Embarcadero Hall) for a riot and falsely called a `man down', resulting in another mess.

Washington was pretty stupid to dance on the top of a car with deputies all around. And stupid to run. Or maybe afraid of the usual whomping that white deputies apply to young black men who misbehave and act stupid.

Sometime someone will post video of what happened in the run-up to the Washington car-top dance. Then a more accurate judgement can be made. Until then I think Washington is mainly guilty of stupid dancing while black or brown.

On VIDEO: Footage of Isla Vista Mob Scene Released

Posted on March 11 at 1:02 p.m.

Isla Vista never even makes this list of the top 25 college riots of all time…

Most college riots documented there are not political, but originate with sports teams.

On Attempted Murder, Near-Riot in Isla Vista

Posted on March 11 at 12:42 p.m.

Actually, the first post does not show Washington jumping on the taxi, but shows him already dancing on the roof of that car. Who knows what happened prior to his dancing, that is not shown.

And then the deputies pull him down and chase him and then hit him.

White deputies chasing, beating, and arresting a young black man for dancing on the roof of car. Well, it is not at all hard to understand why the crowd changes `F*** the police'.

You can hear the people near the videographer saying `this is a disgrace'. Remember, in April 1970, UCSB student Kevin Moran tried hard to prevent the second burning of the temporary Bank of America, with a group of 5 or so other students. Kevin was shot to death by a SB City Police officer. Initially law enforcement claimed it was some sort of hippie sniper in their initial press release. Eventually the truth came out at a Coroner's inquest, the whole truth: that Kevin had responded to a plea by the UCSB Student President over the radio to *protect* the bank, and with others put out the fires several times.

IV residents are not easy to characterize. But mistakes by Law Enforcement (like shooting Kevin Moran) have been just as frequent in IV as have been stupid and dangerous behavior by students.

I can't yet judge this incident.

On VIDEO: Footage of Isla Vista Mob Scene Released

Posted on March 10 at 2:39 p.m.

The portion of the story about Summer-Dickinson seems likely. But as for the rest, sure would be good if there was some real reporting, involving interviews of actual eye-witnesses. A law enforcement press release comes with no guarantee of accuracy.

On Attempted Murder, Near-Riot in Isla Vista

Posted on March 10 at 8:40 a.m.

Isla Vista is a net generator of revenue… the fiscal studies for Goleta city hood proved that. Although in-IV revenue does not cover in-IV law enforcement, IV residents (& their visiting parents & friends) spend plenty of money out in Goleta and Santa Barbara that does cover their law enforcement costs.

And even the in-IV budget produces a small net profit. The loss in law enforcement is more than compensated by State & Federal per capita sharing. The county particularly benefits from State road fund sharing and also from the Measure A sales tax paid by IV residents. But IV roads are always a shambles.

Surely Linda Thom knows all that, but still says `Isla Vista alone creates huge costs for the county, especially for the Sheriff’s department. ', while omitting any mention of the revenues Isla Vista generates.

On The Grass Is Always Greener

Posted on February 26 at 6 p.m.

IV has a long, long history… there was a rapist loose circa 1965, I recall. After that the druggies and speed freaks moved in and I think sexual assaults soared. IV was and remains a magnet for young men of dubious intention from all over SoCal, due to all the females in IV.

Of course 1977-1978 had Thor Christiansen, a reprehensible rapist, murderer, and necrophiliac from Solvang who trolled for victims in IV.

The community reaction was superb and helped improve the environment. But throughout the 1980's the good old alcohol, cocaine, roofies, etc soared, and I found the first undressed young lady passed out in my yard.

Since then it has been about the same. I think the ups and downs are fluctuations now.

On Two Sexual Assaults in Two Days Reported in Isla Vista

Posted on February 24 at 1:26 p.m.

UCSB doesn't suppress sexual assault statistics… they are on a public web page…

There is a fairly active anti-assault culture at UCSB….

*Any* sexual assaults are unacceptable. Particularly in Isla Vista, where I'll never forget Patty Laney, Jacqueline Rook, and Mary Ann Sarris.

Deputies are still trying to track down other crimes that rapist/murderer committed, in Oregon in the late 1970's:

On Two Sexual Assaults in Two Days Reported in Isla Vista

Posted on February 15 at 7:52 a.m.

When you live out here near Holly you know that Venoco is not forthcoming about their H2S and other gas releases. They definitely spin and obfuscate.

Were they open, honest, and good neighbors, it might be possible to accommodate them. But they are not; they stonewall and deny.

Try to find any interest from Venoco in the Child Care Center near their facility or either of the Elementary schools where children breathe Venoco fumes. Venoco just buys support through donations to influential groups, not through trying to make their operations safe for their neighbors.

If platform Holly goes, or, if other oil out here goes undeveloped, the fault is entirely Venoco's for not being good citizens.

On Venoco Denies Acidizing Off Goleta Coast

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