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Posted on April 3 at 1:55 p.m.

Simpleton - call BS or whalesh*t or yourself a taxi, the fact is I went out and looked for myself. Did it a second time at 12:30pm. Just another lazy spring morning and mid-day in IV... no roving packs of students around the Loop, no drinking parties on DP, no broken bottles, nothing, nada, zip, gooseegg, null, crickets, zed, אפס.

Of course, no-one should ever drive on DP or Sabado after about 6pm on Friday or Saturday... way too many pedestrians.

blahblahetc... Of course, my life would be way better without Deltopia, Halloween, or all the Thursday-Saturday in IV during the school year. What a blissful spring break we just had. But in a community of 20-somethings, it will not always be as placid as the breaks, unfortunately. That wingnuts like Simpleton and the Independent exaggerate IV's situation BAR doesn't help.

mesamike... well, certainly you didn't volunteer any of the other environmental insults to the Channel as comparisons to Floatopia, you just called all the leaky sewer pipes of the City of Santa Barbara a `straw man'. Straw men don't cause fecal coliform, my friend, so your words alone hung you. Thank you for calling out the dogs****ers near the Mesa... out here they also mess with the plovers. And please forgive me for my testiness in battling the jaundiced view of IV... not unlike the rapid media BS about `Wilding' and black kids in Central Park in 1989 after the Central Park Jogger was assaulted. The media goes into a feeding frenzy and can't let an actual fact in, and then all sorts of mindless airhead commenters here (like JarvisJarvis) barf the stuff back up, which is very frustrating.

On County, Cops Brace for Deltopia

Posted on April 3 at 11:28 a.m.

Well, mesamike, thanks for your comments about those of us who clean up.

But no thanks for your prejudiced singling out of IV for special scrutiny, with no ire for the City of Santa Barbara (whose old sewer lines leak effluent into the Channel), for surfers (who pee in the ocean and see a rate of personal injuries in excess of those at Floatopia, where not a single injury ever occurred in the water; nevertheless, surfers don't have to where helmets, flotation devices, and urine-collection-bladders), and for families and dogs that drop their baby diapers and poop into the ocean near the Mesa.

Yup, you just want to focus on IV, with a `zero tolerance' attitude, but then help yourself and your fellow-travelers to avoid any scrutiny for the pollution you cause. If you can't understand that, I'm sorry, your IQ is lower than I thought.

The simple fact is that the City of Santa Barbara, various Septic tanks, and Tajiguas dump a lot more fecal coliform and other junk into the channel than Floatopia ever did. But you don't see the Independent or you or others ever mentioning that fact.

And on a per-capita basis, there is no evidence whatsoever that Floatopia was any worse than visits by surfers or families or other tourists or cruise ships or freighters or military vessels as far as pollution is concerned.

As far as IV is concerned, no lie is Big enough for people like you, messmate, and Simpleton, and the Independent too. Facts are irrelevant to you, you just seek to act out your prejudices by saying whatever your biases lead you to say.

On County, Cops Brace for Deltopia

Posted on April 3 at 11:10 a.m.

Simpleton's post got me to just go out and about IV at 10:30am Yes, there are many pointless chain link fences, paid for with money taken out of UCSB's education funds... education quality plummets while UCSB diverts money to useless fences, on-campus parties for UCSB students, and millions per year for more law enforcement. Meanwhile, in China and India students study like crazy and their governments pay for education, not parties and fences.

Simpleton can't count past 3... I saw 3 RVs... 2 on Majorca and 1 on Corto.

Not a single young person drinking on any lawn, not a one. 4 old guys, all over 50, who live a van next to Rotappel Park, drinking some beers on the lawn at Rotappel on Del Playa. 2 young ladies sunbathing on lawns next to Del Playa. Saw 47 other people on Del Playa, including the USPS delivery guy, an Adopt-a-Block volunteer from IVRPD, and about 45 other people on their way to class.

Not one broken bottle on Pasado or on Sabado. Not one pack of student in the Loop, I guess Simpleton can't count to zero. Not a single cop either afoot or enautoed. In short, it looks like a lazy spring morning in Isla Vista.

Note that I have lived in IV for 25 years and am perfectly happy if flatus-emitters like Simpleton never come to IV, and supremely happy if they sniff their own flatus and don't post their fart-bombs full of lies here.

On County, Cops Brace for Deltopia

Posted on April 2 at 10:49 p.m.

I think Uber's policies changed not so long ago after all their bad publicity. Seems to me my niece's experience was over 2 years ago. A creepy guy who took a circuitous route and stopped for a `chat'. She got out and ran to Calle Real and called my sister.

On Deltopia Mayhem Returns

Posted on April 2 at 10:43 p.m.

mesamike says ``Who cleaned up all the trash that was floating around out in the ocean Pardallchewinggumspot? The trash that was found washing up on beaches miles away? UCSB students? The fact of the matter is that UCSB students completely trashed that beach. Yes, some more responsible UCSB students who actually care about the environment came the next day and did actually clean up what was left of the trash THE NEXT DAY, but by that time the tide had come in and washed a lot of it out to sea.''

1)I myself helped cleaned up the beach that afternoon. High tide wasn't until well after 8pm, and between 5pm and 7pm we got a heck of a lot of trash up... and guess what, the article you later quote (which has NUMEROUS errors) showed a picture taken on the evening of April 4 that we picked up:

2)The EAB was not involved in the early cleanups, nor were the excursion club, they were late and aghast at perceived (falsely) slights to the environment. They made a stink but missed out on the early cleanups.

3)Sure, there was maybe 5% of the trash that got away from us the first evening. All that trash probably amounts to 1% of what gets dumped in the Channel at Hendry's every month... I've seen disposable diapers and dog poop in the surf at Hendry's quite regularly in the summer.

4)STILL, the effluent from leaky City of Santa Barbara sewage pipes dwarfs anything from the 2009 Floatopia... that is why you have high fecal coliform levels near the Mesa and all all on the Santa Barbara waterfront. Ingesting all the fecal coliform must have made you a bit weird, Mesamike. Meanwhile, there wasn't the *SLIGHTEST* uptick in fecal coliform after the 2009 Floatopia at Goleta Beach or at Sands... why is that Mesamike, huh, why is that?

The simple reason is that the trashing of the beaches by the 2009 Floatopia has about as much veracity as `Wilding' leading to the assault on the Central Park Jogger in 1989. The junk published by the Indy and by you is just BS fantasy made up for click-whoring (on the part of the Indy) and to satisfy your old-fart, get off my lawn, fecal-coliform induced bile, mesamike. Too bad facts aren't part of your life.

On County, Cops Brace for Deltopia

Posted on April 2 at 2:13 p.m.

My niece took an Uber from IV, had a terrible experience, complained, and she was banned from Uber, her comments deleted. It was ugly. I can't say Uber is worth the risk.

Actually Lyft may be better, but she swore off these ride services.

And yes, Taxis aren't great around here either, I've had my own problems, mainly financial, with our local Taxis... they refuse fares into IV from the SB Airport. I've learned to walk or get a friend to pick me up.

On Deltopia Mayhem Returns

Posted on April 2 at 2 p.m.

JarvisJarvis is showing how utter ignorance of the actual events and a complete parroting of what media airheads tell him leads to wild and absurd conclusions. He is a slave to the modern media without an single neural impulse of original thought.

The partying in IV has not a single whit of influence on the job prospects of UCSB students.

UCSB students simply don't trash the IV environment, they clean it up.

You know who trashes IV? The Sheriff's horses, who poop on the streets and it does not get cleaned up for days.

On County, Cops Brace for Deltopia

Posted on April 2 at 10:14 a.m.

Impulse control in the 1950's frats, huh? A young fraternity member drowned in the Santa Barbara Harbor in the 1950's during a hazing event, if my memory serves. And there is no doubt that the 1950's event known as the Barbary Coast at UCSBC involved theft of lots of building materials from local construction sites, drunkenness, and all the exact same behavior currently going on in Isla Vista.

Except in those days, the impulse to keep the Mi**s, Ki**s, Ni****s, Sp**s, Go**s, Sla***s and Slo***s out of the WASPy parties was in full rage.

On UCSB to Greeks: The Party's Over

Posted on April 2 at 9:07 a.m.

And dou4now shows that he/she was oxygen-deprived at birth or has some other intelligence impairment.

A comprehensive list of Uber/Lyft assaults etc:

Young women in IV know to never trust an Uber or Lyft driver.

Particularly one as clueless as Joe Strandell, who thinks he knows something about the South Coast after living here less than 2 years.

He doesn't even know not to drive on Del Playa on Friday/Saturday nights, and was shocked, shocked that driving was hard there.

He probably thinks he can drive his car through Times Square in NYC on a Saturday night, or through the Castro in SF on a Saturday night. Get a clue, Joe.

On Deltopia Mayhem Returns

Posted on April 2 at 8:25 a.m.

Actually, UCSB students cleaned up the beach, and clean up IV every weekend via the adopt-a-block program of IVRPD.

The claims that UCSB students `trash' anything come from dupes who believe hyperventilating media airheads, like JarvisJarvis believes. Too bad people believe the BS... JarvisJarvis worries that he can get pregnant from riding the bus too. Actually, maybe he can.

On County, Cops Brace for Deltopia

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