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Posted on September 28 at 2:52 p.m.

I hope the pilot used the proper hand signal to turn off 101

On Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Highway 101

Posted on July 18 at 2:37 a.m.

Restoring the kelp beds, which were mostly damaged by untreated sewage, is the best long term solution for minimizing shoreline damage.

On Which Way for Goleta Beach?

Posted on July 11 at 6:10 p.m.

This will hurt the ranchers who were seeking an additional revenue stream needed to keep the suburbs and ranchettes from further destroying SB.

Also Acciona Energy is based in Madrid and the Spanish economy has really been hurting. They probably had to cut their losses and focus on projects with less resistance.

As for solar farms, my opinion is that the state should lease out the California aqueduct right of way for a up to 700 mile long solar farm. Including putting concrete lids over the aqueduct channels to reduce evaporation. The lease revenue should go straight to the state's debt load (wishful thinking)

On Plug Pulled on Wind Farm

Posted on July 4 at 11:45 p.m.

This is an excellent use of BAE 146 aircraft. These suckers were built for steep descents into small airports in the middle of cities that had a lot of noise ordinances. While not a huge commercial success because of four engines, they appear to be great aircraft to convert into firefighters.

The existing inventory of planes is very old and much smaller after many aircraft were parked after wings fell off of two very old aircraft. (Which also caused the Navy and USAF to rebuild the wings of their C-130 and P-3 aircraft)

On Firefighters Gain Ground on White Fire

Posted on July 4 at 11:14 p.m.

It appears to me that these skaters must be being doing okay in school and absorbing their history lessons. Especially the parts about American's responsibilities associated with civil disobedience.

P.S. Way, way back back in 1975, SMHS shut down a day early because, after yearbooks didn't arrive, the campus broke out into a HUGE water balloon fight on a very hot June day. As everyone rushed to the parking lots, there were smiling sheriffs leaning against their cars with their red lights on just waiting for someone to race out into the street.

On City Beats Strategic Retreat in Struggle over Skater's Point

Posted on June 8 at 4:20 a.m.

This is not skimming a few dollars off the coffee mess or taking a few pens home. This amount can be a budget line item in a city budget. This is the salary of maybe 1-2 people per year.

The next investigative step to review and find out why management controls weren't working and to fix them. This step may find out if other negligence or criminal behavior was involved by others.

"Trust but verify"

On Former Police Employee Pleads No Contest in Massive Theft Case

Posted on June 1 at 10:25 a.m.

Furloughing working people to address budgetary issues is simply not the right approach. And fire fighters? Stupid idea.

There are so many programs or tax cuts that should be eliminated to balance the budget. As a civil servant, I see so many ways in my workplace. Things like building renovations to reduce energy costs; allowing us to buy hand held bar code scanners to perform inventory; revising supervisor to worker ratios from 1 - 6 to 1 - 10 or trimming how much we accumulate in sick or annual leave.

Spirit walker: while I don't personally like drugs, I would support your idea if if 50% of the proceeds went to drug abuse treatment and 50% went to the state or federal debt!

On Firefighter Force Cut as Fire Season Ignites

Posted on May 1 at 4:02 p.m.

Sad but classic.
Forest service writes rules that they can't enforce.
Hunters defend themselves with what is in their hands instead of thinking first
Free spirited hiker lets well behaved dog have a little freedom.
Hiker lets dog off leash during hunting season? (I never hike during hunting season)

On Dogs Versus Hunters in the Backcountry

Posted on May 1 at 10:09 a.m.

SB used to be ahead of the game.
But by the 80's, the city dragged out the decision process on the waste water treatment plant. Now the city needs to upgrade the sewer and water lines to reduce leakage. But the city's tolerance of the slumlords and the resultant overcrowding is the biggest crime.

On Santa Barbara's environmental leadership?

Posted on April 25 at 6:29 p.m.

I worked at FedMart in the mid 70's which was in a pretty ugly shopping center by the airport. By the post office facility. (It was a good high school job at the time)

FedMart was eventually bought out by Target. So maybe one can say 'Target is back'

Personally, Target is a far better shopping experience than Walmart or KMart; I avoid both stores like the plague. And I hate feeling 'elitist'

All i can say is to just keep working with Target and the city on tuning the design and color palate.

Eastbeach: I loved your reference to the GE Delco building. Yep, many late 50's and 60's designs were part of the architecture design wasteland. Almost as boring/ugly as the Soviet-era building motif.

On Targeting Goleta Target

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