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Posted on January 13 at 2:16 a.m.

The Murders of Barbara Sharton and Daniel Lyons. New information shows Huge Discrepancy's between the testimonys given in the trial and the reports about the case found @ Vital Evidence seems to have been kept from the Jury and Public WHY?
Many of the public comments I have read about the 3 trials in this case all ask why the local law enforcements investigation was completed so poorly. The case presented by our Santa Barbara District Attorney's office left many dumb founded as to how they were finally able to obtain a conviction with their third attempt.In my continuing attempt to understand the Corey Lyons double murder trial I came upon some startling new information on the Internet. Right now the only question I want to ask is why was this person Bryan R. Burnett retained to examine the evidence in this case, specifically the gunshot residue evidence.Then later the defense requested to a scene reconstruction never called to the witness stand? He states on his web page @ that upon receiving the reports and images of the two homicides, it became apparent this double homicide was the most complex of my career. Once again it appears that our Criminal Courts INTEGRITY has been called into question by me Larry Mendoza
All the questions and opinions shared in this posting belong to me.

Here is the very interesting web site and reports I recently discovered concerning the Corey Lyons case.

Corey Lyons Case reports and discrepancy's found @
The Murders of Barbara Sharton and Daniel Lyons

On DA Gets Lyons Conviction on Third Try

Posted on January 13 at 2:13 a.m.

GSR on Corey Lyons hands match an automatic Gun. However the murder weapons were 2 REVOLVERS OPPS!

Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley and her office of falsicutors has fallen from new heights. It seems they have gone from “Ruse Affidavits” to “Ruse” Convictions like the recent Corey Lyons murder conviction. A ruse is an action or plan which is intended to deceive someone and the Jury in the recent Corey Lyons murder trial was their latest target. In prosecutor Zonen’s closing arguments he clearly stated that” Scharton was shot with a shotgun and .22 caliber(REVOLVER) gun, Daniel with a shotgun and .38 caliber(REVOLVER) gun.”
In the Gun Shot Residue report below (GSR) the author reports that “The presence of copper in most of the hand three-component GSR particles Indicates it was generated by the firing of jacketed bullet(s). Jacketed bullets were not used in these homicides.’ So I went on line to translate what the author was telling us here. Within ten minutes after reading that passage here is what I found
Bullets The bullet in an automatic pistol cartridge contains a lead core that is covered with a full metal jacket of copper alloyed with 5 to 10% zinc. Revolver bullets are generally composed of lead, or lead plated with a thin layer of copper, or the lead is alloyed with antimony or tin, or with both. In some bullets, such as hollow-point and soft-point bullets, a copper jacket covers the base and cylindrical portion, leaving a soft metal at the tip. Here is what I came up with;BASED ON THE GSR REPORT USED FOR THE COREY LYONS MURDER TRIAL THE FINDINGS ON THE DEFENDANTS HANDS ARE ‘CONSISTENT WITH THAT OF A PERSON HAVING FIRED AN AUTOMATIC WEAPON AND NOT A REVOLVER. THE MURDER WEAPONS WERE A SHOTGUN, A 38 REVOLVER AND A 22 REVOLVER. How is it possible the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office missed that fact.
Due to my poor health I have been unable to create a better posting but one will be complete over this upcoming weekend. Read the GSR report for yourself @
Location: murder weapon were 2 REVOLVERS OPPS!
S.B.C.C.C. The place where COMMON SENSE never goes out of style!

On DA Gets Lyons Conviction on Third Try

Posted on December 27 at 2:33 p.m.

I wish Barbara's sister would contact me I have so much more to share that might interest her and her family. I am not hard to find just Google Santa Barbara Larry Mendoza!

On DA Gets Lyons Conviction on Third Try

Posted on December 27 at 2:30 p.m.

I have publicly shared that evidence since the end of the second trial I am not sure why no body has made this public knowledge. As a matter of fact I have shared my discovers with several local media sources and only one reporter replied.

On DA Gets Lyons Conviction on Third Try

Posted on December 24 at 3:19 p.m.

Mr. Rambler you are exactly right. The link here will take you to the transfer of property from one Lyons sister to another, all with out the S.B.D.A. or Defense ever exposing these acts!

There is more to the story so if I was the Santa Barbara D.A's office I would knot flap my lips in celebration to loud!

On DA Gets Lyons Conviction on Third Try

Posted on December 22 at 2:05 p.m.

I must emphasize here that you all consider what a huge advantages the prosecution has had in both trials up to this point. The prosecution already knew after the first mistrial and the 30 days they spent presenting there case, the jury would not have convicted Corey Lyons. However based on there most recent 46 days I am hard pressed to see how there second effort was any kind of improvement. In fact in the Santa Barbara news press story yesterday juror after juror stated point blank that the prosecution did not prove their case. Prosecution 76 days Defense 0

So I ask District Attorney Joyce Dudley what has changed in two days after your office was defeated by the No Defense Defense, to make you feel that next time you will get an aqcuital (Magic Maybe)? You see people, that is why the absence of any accurate coverage of either trial is harmful to us all. It opens the door for a week minded person to think they can use a third try and manipulate an unjust verdict.

"Physical evidence cannot be intimidated. It does not forget. It sets there and waits to be detected, preserved, evaluated and explained." Words to live by in the future Mr. Ullemeyer. Oh that's right I found the quote on your web page @ than you can visit my blog @ www.santabarbaracriminalcourtcorrupti...
Here is an old posting of mine dealing with the Corey Lyons trial
Third Double-Homicide Trial against Corey Lyons Expected to End in December
"Sister Colleen Lyons Zitelli testifies about a phone call she received from the suspect on the day of the shootings

According to the records I found, Barbara Scharton and Daniel Lyons both had holographic Wills. That means they are hand written, one in 1991 and the other in 1995 with no witness's required. I only mention this because I bet you all are unaware that the sister Colleen is now in possession her deceased brother's home. In fact the transfer of this property came right about the same time she switched her testimony in the second trial. Also even though the transfer was dated March 29th 2011 it was not recorded until after her damaging testimony in the then second trial on May 3rd 2011. Am I to believe that a property not yet owned by either, Barbara Scharton and Daniel Lyons would be covered in a hand written will 15 years earlier? One might think Corey Lyons defense attorney might want to know about this. And as I had mention during the second trial there once again is no media coverage for the current trial either. I have included an attachment of the above mentioned transfer document if you received this posting via email from me. Or here is a link to that document! http://magicinsantabarbara.files.word...

On DA Gets Lyons Conviction on Third Try

Posted on December 22 at 2:03 p.m.

How hard did the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office really work at trying to convict Corey the first two trials? Well based on what this juror had to say from the first trial I have a real issue with the effort and expectations of the D.A.'s office. How can one expect to convict on circumstantial evidence when in all honestly there was no real effort to gather any. I say that based on the testimony of the man whose responsibility it was to search for this evidence in the first place. Criminalist "Ullemeyer then shifted to describing to the jury how and why he processed the home's downstairs back door for fingerprints. All of the other doors and windows were locked from the inside, he explained, meaning the downstairs patio door was most likely the entrance used by the suspect or suspects. There was no indication fingerprints would have been found elsewhere, Ullemeyer said, so he didn't process any areas other than the door, its handle, and the rod -- then removed -- used to keep it from sliding open all the way. To fingerprint the entire house would have been "time prohibitive,"

Based on the efforts of the District Attorneys office the Jurors claim they just did a poor job in presenting their case, read the comments below.

COMMENT 170522 2011-05-05 02:52 PM

"I was on the original jury for this trial and there is virtually no hard evidence to prove Corey Lyons did it. There is a Mountain of circumstantial evidence that points to him but almost no hard evidence. The thing that you have to remember in any case is that the jury is not there to say "we think so and so did it" The jury is there to decide whether the prosecution has PROVEN that so-and-so did it, and its an almost impossible job in this case" What blew me away here was the 29 comments on that web site had even though there daily email had virtually no coverage of any part of the second trial except for the verdict.

Than District Attorney Joyce Dudley was quoted as saying "justice demands that there is a retrial" . With so many county workers faced with losing there jobs is she telling there families' saving face is more important than there survival? There are equal parts to a prosecutor's responsibility and none is greater than the other. "A criminal prosecutor is not only an advocate but, as a representative of the sovereign, has a duty to seek justice, which includes the responsibility of seeing that the defendant is accorded procedural justice." (Berger v. United States (1935) 295 U.S. 78, 88 [79 L.Ed. 1314, 1321, 55 S. Ct. 629]; County of Santa Clara v. Superior Court (2010) 50 Cal.4th35, 48.)

On DA Gets Lyons Conviction on Third Try

Posted on December 22 at 2:02 p.m.

According to the records I found, Barbara Scharton and Daniel Lyons both had holographic Wills. That means they are hand written, one in 1991 and the other in 1995 with no witness's required. Or here is a link to that document! http://magicinsantabarbara.files.word...
The Santa Barbara District Attorney's office gets a "Ruse' Conviction (In the Corey Lyons Murder Trial)
Date: 2011-12-22, 1:39PM PST
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here
Prosecuting attorney Ron Zonen happy the jury found Corey Lyons guilty for two counts of first degree murder and one count of burglary Dec. 21, 2011.
DA Gets Lyons Conviction on Third Try, Jury Reaches Swift Verdict By Brandon Fastman

The Santa Barbara Independent meant to say Justice was Served didn't they? Is this what is known in the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office as a "Ruse' Conviction? You want me to believe the defendants attorney requested a change of venue so as to have a jury pulled from out side of Santa Barbara. Even after Mr Lyons first two cases ended in mistrials with a vote of 7-5 in his favor? Now if that is the case Mr Lyons attorney Robert Sanger was trying to get his client convicted. Actually if you read the media stories about why the jury was pulled as it was you get two or three different versions which are all B.S.. Oh and don't forget the need for a gag order so as to keep us the public in the dark. I want to know what new evidence was presented to account for such a swift deliberation by the jury, which went from days to hours and from 2 mistrials to a verdict of guilty. Because of the gag Order we will never know.

On DA Gets Lyons Conviction on Third Try

Posted on December 17 at 5:55 a.m.

So the prosecutor is claiming that he A- pulled the plug out of the shotgun to hold 6 shots? or B- reloaded the shotgun? By the way whose fingerprints were found on the shotgun shells?

On Closing Arguments Begin in Lyons Trial

Posted on December 17 at 5:51 a.m.

This is part 1 part 2 is above it...opps To view as I intended please go to @ http://santabarbaracriminalcourtcorru...

If you want to better understand the current SBCERS pension crisis you have to know where to look and what you are looking at.Santa Barbara County has attempted to deal with the PENSIONS unfunded liability for the past 24 years by contributing an additional 55% (yearly average) above the required normal level. While at the same time the pension now reports earning an outstanding 8.5% yearly compound return on investments for the same time period. The current pension deficit values just do not seem possible based on those two factors alone, but wait I have more.

To verify the 8.5% 24 year compound average returns on investments go to the 2011 Valuation report @ And review the SBCERS Pensions 24 year Compound Investment Return average found on page 26. I wonder why that data was not included in the just released 2011 COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2011 which you can find @ Page six of this report represents the Employer Cost History for the SBCERS Pension paid by the County. This pension cost history document was created and used in 2009. Based on the contribution levels claimed under the “Normal’ and ‘Unfunded’ levels in this document, I was able to determine that Santa Barbara County has been contributing above the normal rate by a 24 yearly average of 55%. This document also gives past funding and unfunded levels starting with December 31st 1986. Based on other documents I am about to share with you we cannot trust the reported values in this 2009 History of Cost report.

I was able to find on Wall Street and verified through our State Controller’s archived audits. That Santa Barbara County elected officials originally reported to both that the SBCERS pension was at least 100% funded in 1986 and 1991. So if the SBCERS pension fund was a 100% funded in either of those years we now have a few serious problems. As you can clearly see in this document taken from a 1991 bond offering by Santa Barbara County the values being reported differ greatly from the 2009 cost history above for 12/86 and 12/88. http://magicinsantabarbara.files.word...
The next issue that has been created because of my irrefutable findings is again with the values being reported in the 2009 Employer Pension Cost History. This chart reports funding ratios that drastically differ from those found in the State Controllers archived reports.

On County’s Largest Employee Union Ratifies Concessions

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