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Posted on April 30 at 9:19 a.m.

When I read the headline I was astonished that UCSB only received $19 - how on Earth could this be!? Then, reading into the article, I found out it's actually $19,000,000; that's better! :-)

On Stimulus Money Grants UCSB $19 Million for Energy Research

Posted on April 17 at 1:17 p.m.

An old roommate of mine had a pit bull. She was extremely friendly, well-behaved when "rules" were enforced (in other words, when someone knew how to command her did so), and unbelievably smart. My brother and best friend both have pit bulls, and they are the same. Every other pit bull I have come across has had the same temperament, as well. True, the breed was originally used violently and in a manner I dare say was next to evil, but that's not how all pit bulls are, not by any means. This is a classic case of invalidly generalizing the extreme cases we hear about every so often to the rest of the group. It's unfortunate that those tragic scenes do occur, and yes, those dogs in question are dangerous animals. But, this is because of the owner's lack in training the animal, the owner's lack in establishing clear hierarchical rules, the owner's lack in disciplining the animal when it misbehaves, NOT simply because the animal is of a certain breed.
Personally, I have fallen in love with pit bulls. I plan to own one when I have the money to buy one and the time to correctly, thoroughly train one. It's not a matter of the breed being dangerous, it's a matter of the owners taking responsibility for the creatures under their care and knowing that consequences of not doing so can be dire.

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