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Posted on November 11 at 4:13 p.m.

As the mother of a bright, strong-willed child (who with consistent firmness and love grew up to be an amazing woman), I am so disappointed in this anonymous thrashing of this young author. How simple it is to sit in judgment! Take out every ill-behaved child's actions out on this mother? I too am a court-mandated reporter and frankly, my reaction to Ms. Selby and her young child would have been one of compassion rather than judgment. I can't count the times I've engaged a tantruming child only to find s/he isn't so brave and brash when an outsider steps in. If only Ms. Jane had behaved thus, all three parties would have had a better day. Next time you're on that airplane, give the parents a break! Play peek-a-boo, break out odd items from your bag to engage the child. Same with the polling place! I'm just thankful that a thoughtful mother is voting! Help out! The world would be a better place and your kindness could evoke the same in others.

On Parenting in Public

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