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Posted on June 2 at 8:45 p.m.

My heart is broken once again. Such good suggestions from your readers, above!
wonderful ideas that are being used in other places! YES!!!!

On People on the Streets: Refugio Oil Spill

Posted on June 2 at 8:39 p.m.

These are some interesting comments! I love loonpt!!!

Being a very old person; I was a student at USC when the 1969 Oil Spill occurred...(try multiply8ing this by around millions???) sure seemed like it! I spent two weeks up here cleaning sea birds, seals, dolphins..It was heartbreaking; but we saved some of them! It was an astonishing show of human kindness and it changed our world!

This spill is inexcusable...and the environment is the point.
"ripping living things out of the ocean" is a point; but ,; as the writer of the next comment says: anything that humans consume to eat and survive is going to take some toll on something. I hope we plant; refurbish, replant and stop horrific fishing nets.....I hope for lots of things. My heart has been broken repeatedly since my foray into the Santa Barbara Oil Spill of 1969! That was bad enough!!

The elephants and wolves are my current emergency targets....and I can't even make an iota of difference. Really. I continue to make the effort!!!!

Point is: let's do what we can where we are. We can make a difference here in California in oil drilling and oil transfer; this company who was the cause of this oil spill recently; had numerous "tickets" and violations.......; and was not policed , punished, nor made to pay the fines and make repairs. Inexcusable. Completely inexcusable!!! Why?????

That is the first step in avoiding the next oil spill. We need to get on it!

Young people!! We need you!!! Get to work!! I hope you will!!!

On Fishing Industry Feeling the Pain After Refugio Oil Spill

Posted on March 18 at 11:01 p.m.

these comments have now gone into the stratosphere!! Birth control?

OH dear! (if only we could regulate that to control the growth of the South Coast!!) "If you move here; you are restricted to 1 child; and it has to be a boy!" China did it)


I just know that the results of the ramp closure at Olive Mill has had such disastrous consequences; that Cal Trans has completely lost their credibility !!
Just look at Coast Village Road Friday afternoon! Ridiculous! and they knew it was predicted! Went ahead anyway! No wonder none of us trust them as far as we could throw them! shame on them!!!

They are a bunch of bureaucrats who know nothing! and their solutions of our traffic problems have proved to be disastrous! They look at us on a map, And make terrible decisions!

I don't know the solution.....I just know CalTrans doesn't have them.

On 101 Fight Flares Anew

Posted on March 6 at 12:51 a.m.

I didn't have the heart to read these comments after the first few.
Teenagers (did you all forget when you were one?)
Are lacking the development of the "frontal lobe"; and they lack the "consequence" part of thinking. They think they are immortal.

I took my husband (with a severely infected finger) to the emergency at Cottage Hospital a few weeks ago; and the mother of a teenage girl was there.....(in the emergency) the daughter was airlifted from Santa Maria.....; the hospital staff worked on this young girl for 2 hours or more...and she died.

Upon receiving the news; Her mother was screaming bloody murder.....(I don't blame her for a second....I would have been right there even louder!!!)

Then her grandmother arrived.....and she screamed even louder! and I empathized with her just as much! She screamed....."Take me! Bring her back!!!"

It was so hard to hear......and so easy to empathize....My heart broke for those people. BROKE!!!

Turns out...that girl was "street racing" in Santa Maria with a boy. She lost control and hit a light pole.......she had 3 other teenagers in the car with her. (When i saw the picture of the car the next day....I found it hard to believe anyone had survived!)

Horrifying. Teenagers are simply not qualified to drive unsupervised....they need lots of rules...and supervision. They really have no idea. And it is because their brain is not developed yet!

My heart goes out to the mother and grandmother I heard in the next room !

My husband spent two nights in the hospital....(don't ever ignore an infection!!)

Our hearts still ache for the parents and grandmother of that girl from Santa Maria!

On Badly Burned Teen Took the 'Fire Challenge'

Posted on February 21 at 10:23 p.m.

Hey Guys!

Take a peek at what percent Montecito has cut back on our water use! Over 40%! And we are still getting fines and "surcharges" Mismanagement is the culprit here!

The Montecito Water District (they are not volunteers); have mismanaged their responsibilities beyond.

Bermuda has been collecting water off rooftops for at least 150 years.....we need to start doing all of that!
We planted drought-resistant landscaping 18 years ago when we built our house in Montecito; we still get fines almost every month. It is ridiculous. We have not one inch of lawn; we have native plants, and drip irrigation.
If we didn't use more water than our allotment for more than two acres we would lose our oak trees (they need some!!) and priceless other landscaping.
It is sickening the lack of planning and lack of foresight.

No excuse!!!

On Lamentations of a Dog Denied

Posted on November 11 at 11:06 p.m.

I tried to correct a few "typos" in my comment.....but was unsuccessful! Please forgive!

i LOVE the Independent......and it's "Independence"!

There has been not one mention in the Montecito Journal of these people....committing crimes against members or our small community ! Shame!

They should be reported along with everything else! The evil and corrupt and sociopaths among the hedges should be reported in the Montecito Journal as well as the SBNPress and The Independent.

News is News!!

(or should be!!!)

On Lack Sentenced to 9 Years, 8 Months in Prison

Posted on November 11 at 10:44 p.m.

Who cares? Republican or Democrat....they guy is a crook, a thief and a fraud!

He hoodwinked and lied to the banks.....and also his "friend"; my friend, Mary Belle Snow....who is no dummy. I hope he gets even more jail time. This is a soul.

Another one just went to prison. Did the same thing...but to more friends...fewer banks. The most
disgusting creature to ever crawl out of a drain. His first name is David ,too.. Again....Montecito. Prison. for a long ,long time. (This one had the nerve to show up at the "Coral Casino" Fourth of July party....(his victims were members); and strutted around showing off his tan and his muscles!!!) I almost threw up!!! He truly "ruined" his "friends" financially....)

"Montecito Motors" (actually located in Santa Barbara); same thing! Selling people's automobiles.....and instead of paying them.....skating along...pocketing all the money themselves! Completely fraudulent for years!!!

( in prison...father and son). Ruined families.
People completely defrauded.

Scum like this prey on people. Nice people. People who are not conditioned to "suspect" predators among their "friends". I am sure it happens all over the world.

These people cannot be sentenced to too many years in prison in my opinion.

And their lawyers should be ashamed of themselves asking for "mercy"; and "house arrest"!!!

I say..."throw the book at them"!

They are just as bad as inner-city drug dealers and Mafia murderers. They are the same.

On Lack Sentenced to 9 Years, 8 Months in Prison

Posted on October 21 at 4:57 p.m.

OOOPS!! This is Ryan's twin brother Charlie Green!!!

YAY Charlie Green!!!

On Dos Pueblos Students Advance to Hacking Contest Finals

Posted on October 21 at 12:33 a.m.

YAY!!! so great to see kids who are so computer literate....using their skills against "bad hackers"!! Only the people who know how to "hack" can protect us all from the "bad guys"!

Congratulations to all of you!

Especially the guy in the middle of the front!

I am his family's decorator!!!

Yay Ryan Green!!!

On Dos Pueblos Students Advance to Hacking Contest Finals

Posted on October 14 at 1:30 a.m.

This is simple. And I am afraid this simple thing no longer is part of a crime plea.

He owns NOTHING! He takes not one bit of responsibility for this complete CRIME!!'
Does no one see this?
This is what he said!!!

“I wish I could go back and change everything about this whole situation,” Bristol said, facing the victims and their families. “I’m remorseful. I hope that there can be forgiveness.”

That is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard! "I wish?" DUH!

What he wishes is that he wasn't caught!

This is a sexual predator who will be unleashed into society! I hope there will be weekly notices about his whereabouts!

In my opinion........he should be kept in jail for decades. And I think this girl's parents should be punished for not protecting their daughter.

This "man" crawled out of a drain......and took advantage of a neglected girl. Her parents were "asleep at the wheel!! She was emotionally needy; (as we all are at her age!) Shame on her parents for not protecting her!

My message to her parents........"Shame on you for allowing your daughter to be taken advantage of like that!! Where in the heck were you???"

This man should rot in prison! Using a church to rape and molest girls. This is about as foul as things get. Who is the judge?

How can this miscarriage of justice happen in our county??


On Carpinteria Pastor/Molester Sentenced to One Year in Jail

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