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Posted on December 31 at 12:36 a.m.

How terribly sad this entire story is!!!!

Start to finish!! All this wealth; not one ounce of happiness!!

I do hope Santa Barbara receives the art museum at the exquisite estate!!

She had wonderful taste; and her family's direction was clear! I believe she intended to continue her family's generosity and largesse to Santa Barbara!!!

( her mother donated the "bird refuge" and the property which is the zoo!!!)

She spent some happy times here!!!


On $19 Million Clark Heir Dies

Posted on June 15 at 12:28 a.m.

Here is my dream! A "philanthropist"( or group of them) will buy the property; make it a "limited use park"; and deed the property to the "Land Trust" as a "not to be developed"! And it could have "hiking trails through it"! what a great result that could be!

A lot like the "Hot Springs " property in Montecito! That is my dream!

Then it will hopefully, be adopted by some other agency to restore the native it can become wildlife habitat instead of one big lawn.(it looks like a big lawn; is it as bare as it appears? Why?)

Trees, shrubs.....all native. I bet volunteers will come do the work! And maybe even nurseries will donate native plants! The wildlife will come back; Nature will be available for children to go on trails through.....and humans and animals will benefit! Children can hike instead of spending too much time in front of "screens"!

What a wonderful thing that this land can avoid development!

Does someone have to actually purchase it to prevent its development?
I want to help!

On Deal to Buy Naples Dissolves

Posted on March 14 at 12:33 a.m.

Hey Barney!

Whatever happened to the "investigation" of those completely
fraudulent and greedy "board members" They made off with all the money that Dr. Austin had well as the contributions given by people who sincerely wanted to preserve the property. Where are those scoundrels now?

Can they just escape scot-free after looting that non-profit like that? I am gob-smacked......and completely astonished that no one is even looking for them!


On Huguette’s Gems to be Auctioned

Posted on March 7 at 12:25 a.m.

In my opinion; this is the worst sort of crime. This young woman; obviously attractive and friendly (based on her first photograph...) (not very attractive and very unfriendly in her 'mug shot'")

It is beyond unconscionable for a young person who has graduated from college to become a thief and a blood-sucker the way she has.
This is disgusting beyond.
I hope she will be prosecuted and I hope this sociopath receives a lot of time in jail. She crawled right out of a drain.
Taking advantage of an elderly person (and perhaps many others) because of their trust in her; is especially reprehensible.
Shame on her. Shame shame shame.

ps I hope it has nothing to do with UCSB. above comments seem to think so!

On Caregiver Accused of Stealing from Elderly Client

Posted on November 24 at 1:47 a.m.

IN one day........I drove for maybe two hours.......around Santa Barbara........I saw 40!! I promise!! 40 people talking on their cell phones at their ears while driving!

Let's enforce these laws. I was almost broadsided by a woman on her cell a 5 way stop sign. She did not even notice that she nearly hit me......she was way too interested in her phone conversation!!!

I plead to the Highway Patrol...and the Sheriffs . Dept.........every other person driving in Montecito is talking on a cell phone in his or her ear.

It is scary.

On Man Killed by Distracted Driver

Posted on November 24 at 1:38 a.m.

I joined "friends of the sea otter" when I was 16 years old. I am now 63!

any progress to help the sea otter is beautiful and wonderful to me!
Abalone is successfully farmed all protections of the sea otter I am hoping will be in place.

Have you ever seen one?

I love all animals......but never has there been a more appealing animal........Bravo !!!!

Otters and otter lovers unite!


On Sea Otters Free?

Posted on November 5 at 12:27 a.m.

How destructive and bad for wildlife and the environment.

Can't they go around and disarm bombs and land mines......and dangerous explosives?

this is revolting. Technology cannot solve the problem of this sort of thing?

Pollution; destruction of habitat.......and danger to humans and to say the least......... a factor here.

What in the hell?


On Vandenberg Personnel Discover, Detonate Bomb

Posted on August 13 at 12:56 a.m.

I think it is absolutely wonderful that this travesty is coming to light.
The "Board Members" of Val Verde ; neglected the property, lined their own pockets, deprived the devoted gardening staff their just salaries. The entire time this bogus board was in charge, they milked and took advantage. The money they borrowed against the property was prohibited in the non-profit legal rules stipulated by Dr.Austin when he drew up the non-profit documents. The board was prohibited from borrowing against the property. PROHIBITED!! They did exactly that.
They borrowed millions using the estate as collateral. And used none of restore, to improve.......or to beautify that magnificent property. They just let it rot.

I hope this will be completely investigated and I hope the perpetrators of this fraud will be prosecuted.

Sergey Grishin is the hero of this story. He fixed the irrigation and pumps to save the fish and trees even before he owned it!
And he sold the house and much of the acerage to the person who owned the original pool house. Now the two buildings are together again.
this is an architectural masterpiece.

Believe me; the artifacts and contents of Val Verde were so poorly cared for; and so many were sold off at "yard sales" Mr. Grishin was doing the best he could do to buy what he did.

Mrs Jansen is the evildoer here......and the rest of the bogus board, They simply fleeced the donors; used the money they raised and the endowment for their personal gain....and practically let the magnificent house fall down.....and the pond and landscaping be destroyed.

The condition of the house was shocking to me. I have been a fan and observer of the house for many years,

When it was to be auctioned off......I went to visit it with my real estate agent. I was shocked to the core. It seemed not one dollar had been spent to preserve or maintain the grounds or the house.SHOCKING.

I know at least one gardener who worked there for an entire year with no pay. Because he cared. And he loved the trees.....the fish.......and the plants.......... I hope this will come out in the investigation.


This , I hope will receive a full investigation.
Bravo Barney! For bringing this to light. It is a huge black mark on non-profits and their overseeing . Fraud rampant.

On Where’s the Val Verde Money?

Posted on August 6 at 12:27 a.m.

Honestly; I joined "Friends of the Sea Otter" when I was a freshman in college. It was founded by Margaret Owings. She lived in Carmel or Monterey and she could see the otters from her house.

These animals are beautiful and rare; and I want to protect and help them in any way I can.



On Otters Up and Down

Posted on July 25 at 10:53 p.m.

Shame on the Independent!

"Fake tans" are not being taxed! Tans achieved by tanning beds are "real tans" with real UVB and UVA lights! Just like you get at the beach without sunscreen!
This is ridiculous. "Fake tanning" is not at issue! This article's headline is misleading.
Real tanning in a tanning bed using UV light is what is being taxed here.
"Fake tans" the spray variety are not taxed. Nor creams!!
Just the real kind that give skin cancer. Melanoma, carcinomas. Just those. That is a real tan you get in a tanning bed. That is real skin cancer, too. REAL.
Like cigarettes. That is real lung cancer. REAL.
No tax?
Yes, tax.

On New Tax Levied on Fake Tans

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