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Posted on November 16 at 11:31 a.m.

Hi. I am a renter of a DPI apartment. I hear and understand the complaints, with the most sympathy for people who probalby pay alot of money for their homes and then have to put up with some of the crowds that are seemingly in a completely different world - a lower income world specifically. (ie: on Valerio). I am a single mother of 4 children who found myself having to start over. I had no credit in my name (thought I would be married forever ;-p). Did the Transition house for a few months and saved up money - NO ONE would rent an apartment to me, even private owners! because I had no credit and 4 children. Dario Pini was the only one. He offered me furniture. I was able to move from one apartment to another complex with the same deposit. I work full time and have been at the same job and in this same apartment for a year now. Yeah, it's like pulling teeth to get things fixed. Yeah our complexes aren't all pristine, and I understand there's probably even criminals harboring in some of these places! But they're just the low income criminals, the higher income criminals have the nice houses. It's like in the days when the people would say 'there goes the nieghborhood, they let a ____________ (insert racial/ethnic slur here) in!' There's no perfect world, no perfect neighborhood, unless you wanna try for the Stepford Wives culture...Dario Pini may be a douchebag, I don't know. But theres good with the bad.

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