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Posted on March 13 at 8:06 a.m.

Normal Crazy. Firing teachers so they hire more administrative people or pay for more studies to figure out what is wrong or quote how to solve it. Let face it.

Government job is to hire more paper pushers than doers because then us public will agree to more taxes so we can hire a few more doers so they can get more paper pushers.

The school board just approval hiring three additional administrators directors. Now the new top director will get a salary of $120k to 150k.

Now that doesn't count the overhead and they needing rent office space and equip it, plus I imagine they each will get at least one secretary, car. I bet the other two directors salary is higher than teachers too.

I wouldn't be surprised if the full cost of hiring these three new administrators when you consider all the hidden cost like office space, benefits, travel experiences, exceeds three quarters of a million dollars. A program that already has a big staff.

These new 3 staff jobs are to figure out why the head of special ed stay around for only a year. Now, this is on top of the board already paying a consultant to solve the problem. I bet the real reason behind the Head Special Ed is around only a year is that he took the position as a stepping stone to get the experience so he could get the position he really wanted at another school district.

I know papers have a tough times these days. So they don't have money to pay for the reporters to investigate the whole story behind the events, like the real full costs, not just news flash story. Like, I bet if we compared the classroom teacher to other staff ratio in education today compared to 1960, we would discover the schools are way more top heavy with non-teacher positions.

I challenge the teachers if you really want to keep your jobs to go after the administrators to lay off the same number of administrators based on their cost as they do teachers. So, if there is 2 non-teacher jobs for every teacher, then they must lay off the same percentage of administrative jobs at every level, not just the low level administrative whom probably do a bit more of the work.

Heck, if you really want to do a great job, then get the ratio of administrative jobs in line with the levels in private enterprise. But it appears your union so far doesn't want to rock that boat.

Unfortunately, the government is built on the principal of spending all the money they can. They never save in the boom years of ecomony. If they have money left in their department at the end of the year, they scamble to find ways to spend it so they can ask for more the next. Hire extra people, buy stuff they really don't need ... And they do that regularly. If you don't believe, go work for the government.

Maybe one day we will train the government to operate differently than it does. But as long as the majority goes along, it will be more of the same. Enjoy.

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