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Posted on September 11 at 5:57 p.m.

#1 The new SB hospital isn't just a new wing, it is only half of the entire construction project, existing wings still need to be demolished and new construction take place to complete the hospital.
#2 Each new patient unit has 2 or 3 nurses stations on the floor, making all rooms close to a station.
#3 The pharmacy was never located close to ICUs, that's why each unit has there own secure med storage. It is actually closer now.
#4 Oncology is still located in the existing building, far far away from an infectious disease floor in the new building.
#5 It's very hard to please some nurses with anything.

But good try, both new hospitals are and will be amazing. You can arrange a tour of the new SB building too, just call and ask.

On Goleta Valley Hospital Upgrade

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