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Posted on May 16 at 1:13 a.m.

From the look of some of these comments maybe California needs to cut funding to the parks completely and focus all of their efforts on literacy, sheesh.

On Seventy State Parks Set to Close

Posted on September 23 at 12:35 p.m.

i feel like maybe the point has been missed. i was simply trying to break up the chatter that implied: everyone in a car going faster than you is a criminal maniac and should be hunted... and everyone driving slow is a saint and a hero. it's simply not true, this isnt a question of good guys vs bad guys, and there are people in both camps who should not be driving these roads at all.

the simple point i was making is, speed vigilantes (the people who think that by intentionally making it difficult to pass they are doing their part to force the criminals to obey the law) are not making the roads safer for anyone.

On Woman Arrested for 154 Crash

Posted on September 22 at 11:28 a.m.

It's actually even simpler than that jukin, SB, Goleta, and Carp are full of retired people, seasonal residents, college students, and inherited rental property/converted garage studio coasters. These are the cities with the highest non-working population, but they dont register in "unemployment" figures.

On County's Unemployment Rate Dips

Posted on September 22 at 11:09 a.m.

Holly (and Bill... sigh) can blame everyone else as much as she wants, unfortunately these people cant move into her roomy comment box. Comment on the selfishness of "society" and the people around you all you want, when it comes down to it you and Pinatubo have done exactly the same amount to improve these people's situation. It just seems only one of you is actually being honest, and the other is trying to make it seem like it is everyones fault but her own.

I see the same people over and over use the word "entitlement" to insult all the other selfish elitist jerks around them, but to pull a quote from The Princess Bride, "I do not think that word means, what you think it means." Your entire comment is stating that these people should be "ENTITLED" to a home and a job in one of the most expensive cities in the country based on some kind of birth right (right of presence?). I'm no lawyer, but I think that actually makes you the one with the entitlement complex.

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Posted on September 20 at 7:06 p.m.

Bill, we can do some simple math real quick if you want... If the speed limit is 55, and you are going 52, and a car passes you, is that other driver breaking the law?

In my world there is no proven correlation between number of bars and number of drunk drivers, or even number of drunks, as evidenced by a trial period in this country of zero licensed bars. My world is the Earth.

As long as we are putting words in each others mouths I guess your world would be the one where everyone is under constant surveilance, people who stray outside of your comfort zone are rounded up and ticketed or jailed, and legal business operations are shut down if they deal in something you do not particularly care for. Keep it.

Yes, thank you, I will accept the calculated risk inherent in basic freedoms while I still have them.

On Woman Arrested for 154 Crash

Posted on September 20 at 4:34 p.m.

You bring up an interesting concept when you mention delusion Bill, I was just wondering if you truly thought that by reducing the number of bars, you could reduce the number of drunk drivers. Or perhaps when you ruin that idea with a small dose of reality you will find that people will just drive FURTHER drunk to get to and from the few bars you allow to remain open in your utopian dictatorship. Such short-sightedness may not be delusional, but it sure seems stupid.

As to your "calling out", it's not all about you Bill, and portions of my posts have actually been directed at other commenters whose ideas about driving I do see as a problem (please keep in mind none of us has actually seen the others drive, despite your assumptions and attacks on my driving). The drivers I am worried about are those who clearly are not comfortable with their ability to navigate the road at all, yet still try, and those who are so arrogant as to think they should be in charge of prioritizing the schedules of the drivers around them. Yes, it IS possible to drive aggressively slow, and for the person in front holding up traffic to actually be the one with road rage. I am not saying it is you, but I have my suspicions about some of these posters.

A speed limit is just a number that is chosen to represent a safe traveling velocity on a particular road. It can be changed at any time. Safety is also a subjective concept. Obviously the safe operating speed is going to depend a lot on what type of vehicle you are actually driving and who is driving it, think 1970 pinto with a 97 year old operator vs 2010 c-class owned and operated by Kyle Petty. This is why police officers (and speed cameras) offer a margin of error above and below that magic number before they start handing out tickets to people.

I find it a little scary, and a lot rude, that some of you have taken that magic number so personally as to call those who happen to occasionally coast above it "criminals", "children", "maniacs", and those deserving of punishment and "$300 fines". Keep your pants on, mind your own business, and share the road... even with people who are driving faster than you.

On Woman Arrested for 154 Crash

Posted on September 20 at 1:14 p.m.

"twidiots", "twinzies", words used above... either way that part of my comment was just a joke, guess I should have thrown in an "LOL" or two.

You say it is not a commodity to be sold, and that may be the spirit of some paperwork somewhere. But based on practical application and events such as this one, I'm thinking maybe it is. If anything this is just a symptom of a much larger issue. City Council cant turn down offers like this for a reason, is it underfunding, mismanagement, corruption?

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Posted on September 20 at 12:52 p.m.

protesteth? wow, I guess it's my turn to require you two to pull down some quotes from my posts. show me where I said it's ok to speed OR drive drunk.... i will give you some time......

What I actually said was: if you are going below the speed limit you should move so that people who are more comfortable on the road can pass you, and that there should be other options for getting to and from wine country so that people don't feel like driving is their only option. You can regurgitate the same nonsense over and over about "if there are less bars people wont drink as much", but it simply isnt true on this particular planet. You have to offer alternative modes of affordable transportation. period.

Bill, you can think the speed limit represents the absolute maximum all day but I'm going to drag you back to reality for a quick second. If you put up speed cameras on that road they arent going to take a picture of a speeder until they hit 65 miles an hour. And if you can find me a cop that pulls people over at 56 I will give you a cookie. That's called real world application.

As far as all this nonsense of entitlement, what makes you guys think you are so entitled as to continue to drive on a road that you clearly cannot handle comfortably or safely at the posted speed? You are a hazard. Someone who is trying to operate a machine on a road that is outside of their ability level, to me, seems quite similar to a drunk driver. Their driving is impaired by alcohol, yours is impaired by your inferior driving skills, experience, or vehicle safety features.

"there ARE others on this planet", am I losing my mind? What you really mean is, the 10 CARS stacked up behind you on the road should be more aware and curteous of YOUR needs, while you make assumptions as to theirs and hand out life lessons in the form of brake lights. Pure, undiluted, ARROGANCE. If the situation was reversed, and there were 10 people going slow on the road, and 1 maniac in the back swerving in and out trying to pass them all, you may have a point. As it stands YOU are the selfish one making the journey miserable for everyone else. I can't believe I have to explain this to a bunch of supposed adults.

You have no idea what the people behind you are doing, and frankly you have no right to even speculate. How about we try this exercise: Pretend all the cars behind you have a woman going into labor in the back seat and they are on their way to the hospital. Be curteous, and just get the heck out of the way. That way you dont ever run the risk of being the jerk blocking the road for someone who actually IS on their way to the hospital. Better safe than sorry.

On Woman Arrested for 154 Crash

Posted on September 19 at 9:40 p.m.

not too big on jokes are ya bill? i saw a comedian one time talking about making a font called "sarcastica", i wish it existed when i posted that line you quoted to save you getting your panties all twisted.

i suggest you research the definition of "misquote" before you check my reply on the other story.

On The Mosque Question

Posted on September 19 at 9:36 p.m.

oy bill, ok here we go, this is your comment:

"I make an effort to keep it below 55 and when I hit the double lane part the vehicles fly past me as though I'm parked.The C.H.P. could make a fortune writing out tickets to these people." and then, "making these people accountable by handing out tickets en masse is the only way this behavior will be curtailed. These people are like little children who need to be disciplined"

I read this as, "I drive below the speed limit while cars pack in behind me and by the time I finally get to a passing lane they are so frustrated and desperate to pass me while they have a chance that they speed up very rapidly... and I think they should all be pulled over to get tickets."

In other words, you think everyone should have the same agenda as you, they should drive the same speed as you, and if they dont they should all be punished, you even refer to everyone else as children who need discipline. Such is my well warranted accusation that you demand CONTROL. Please, I shouldnt have to walk you back through your own posts.

as far as the "fruitless argument" section, that is not a quote, hence the lack of quotation marks... i was sarcastically invoking your history of commenting on any article related to alcohol with something along the lines of, "quit giving the booze culture a pass by giving endless approval to more places where people can get drunk and then hit the road". -Bill, (THAT is a quote) "Fruitless", while also a pun, is the best term I can think of to refer to your notion that by withholding liquor licenses, people will be forced to quit drinking and driving. "Ludicrous" is a word that also works here.

you are agaist bars not vineyards? in your post you call them "bars/tasting rooms". Where do you think the tasting rooms are? (Hint- it rhymes with "finyards".)

On Woman Arrested for 154 Crash

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