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Posted on April 23 at 7:58 p.m.

This Z thing is a joke and everyone pushing for it is tied to the contractor that will get awarded the construction job.

I'd actually vote for it if the firefighters agreed to lower their outrageous unfunded retirement plans and triple Cadillac benefits. Enough with the first responder hero worship.

On Measure Z Plea

Posted on April 23 at 7:54 p.m.

Ms. Hoffman just can't help herself. She's an unabashed lib-dem with lib-dem reporting bias to her core.

Notice her total lack of reporting on how much taxes this company will pay.
Instead she reports only their campaign contributions to defeat Measure P.

Notice her use of the term "anti-P campaign" instead of "no on P campaign"

On Oil Company Proposes 296 New Wells

Posted on April 21 at 5:34 p.m.


Please, please read this:

Your comment earlier of "Not all women feel comfortable going to law enforcement." is the root of the problem here.

Rape is a horrible, terrible thing - that is criminal. Any woman who is raped and doesn't report it to law enforcement because she's "uncomfortable" is doing two really bad things:

1. Telling the world that it wasn't bad enough for her to get over her uncomfortableness with reporting to police - thus it is perceived by many as not serious or not rape - even if it was and...

2. Allowing a rapist to continue to be free to rape other woman while sending a message to other women that she doesn't really care enough about that to get through some ill-defined "uncomfortable" feelings about reporting a criminal to police.

Are you kidding me?!?!

A rapist cannot be held accountable by protest signs on a lawn a year after the fact. No one knows 100% if she was the victim because there is no identified perpetrator to stand trial and be convicted.

On UCSB Students Call for Tougher Rape Penalties

Posted on April 21 at 8:16 a.m.

Yes 'billclausen', you are 100% correct. Something "very strange" is definitely going on here.

This is part of a new wave of "justice" whereby all your time and energy is not spent filing a police report and gathering witnesses for a court case *a year ago* but instead buying or using university supplies to throw a "protest party" with your friends - spending hours painting signs and planning your chants - until you're so exhausted and 'spread thin' by these efforts for 12 months that you tell a reporter you're not going to file a police report.

But you did get your pic and some quotes in the local lib-dem rag. Congrats!

On UCSB Students Call for Tougher Rape Penalties

Posted on April 19 at 9:10 a.m.


You managed to write a letter that provides zero information on what items your group differs on from the MCA.

Job well done.
Clarity provided.
Big step forward.


On United Vision for Eastside

Posted on April 1 at 12:02 p.m.

They needed to rally their customer skills.

No eye contact at the register. Total hipster/nonchalance mode by employees with no interest in the "business".

Even the owner didn't thank customers after a purchase or engage customers.

Disastrous customer service = no business.

On Granada Books Closing

Posted on March 30 at 4:39 p.m.

Supply and Demand
Supply and Demand
Supply and Demand

Over the past 20 years there has been a HUGE increase in the supply of poor, low-educaiton labor coming here illegally from Latin America.

This has driven down wages and opportunities for working class legal citizens. Combine this with a resurgent economy (especially for the ownership class - stocks and realestate) and and entrenched "slow growth" policy for new rental units in SB and voila!

On The Challenge of Renting in Santa Barbara

Posted on March 29 at 9:55 a.m.

Barry: they are not "Latino Citizens" they are "American Citizens" and there right to vote, run for office or elect a candidate are being taken away any more or less than any other America Citizen.

Just because someone whose parents or ancestors were born in Latin America and they now don't win an election does not mean their rights were lost or infringed upon.

The state law that you used to implicitly threaten the city of SB with is itself steeped in racial bias, racism and racial identity politics. And you earn a living off all that.


On Taking Racism Out of City Elections

Posted on March 26 at 3:16 a.m.

The United Nations IPCC group has repeatedly lowered its forecast from +2 degrees Celsius warming to now +1/2 of a degree warming over 100 years.

Meanwhile all the renewables so far deployed generate less than 1% of our energy usage while costing double and heavily impacting the poor.

Meanwhile: petroleum and its products have created massive improvements in the quality and safety of people globally in the past 100 years, reducing pollution from wood burning and lifting up economies and opportunity for billions.

In the US alone, cracking has lowered the cost of natural gas to the point that our CO2 emissions are back to 1992 levels as electric power plants switch off coal and move to natural gas. Expensive renewables has contributed 1/9000th of that reduction!

With 2014 the warmest year since 2005 by a margin that is 1/4 of the amount statistically relevant, clearly it's time to destroy life as we know it and our economy and capitalist democracy in favor of massive tax and spend programs administered by liberal democrats.

On Desal, the Climate Crisis, and Our Children's Future

Posted on March 24 at 8:01 a.m.

Communism is a great idea too but those darn humans mess it up too!

No matter what idealistic idea, there needs to be restraints on human abuse or Mis-interpretation of it. Separation of church as state is a start, so are the separation of powers between executive, legislative and judicial.

Thats why Sharia is so frightening. It's is a separate "law" and routinely used to justify abuse of others - especially women. Many wish to implement sharia in the U.S. and most on the left see little problem with this, or they fear being called islamaphobic.

On Women's Roles in Islam

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