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Posted on January 9 at 8:03 a.m.

Hey blahblah,

You must work at Elings or associate with one of its employees. The article appears fairly sympathetic to Elings cause, considering they pay nothing and have done nothing for this Public Park. The title was sensationalized to grab your attention, then appeared to try and create sympathy for the dying patient that Elings Park definitely has become.

The small group to which you refer is the public that has used and supported the Las Positas Municipal Tennis Facility for decades. I ask you why the public is not worthy, but the small PRIVATE group of Elings park is worthy to claim our park in a hostile takeover? The whole deal smacks of cronyism from the top down with a thick smoke screen obscuring the real deal.

The $25,000 Elings has received is money taken from the public and our City Parks and Recreation Budget and given to Elings Park to supplement the PRIVATE salaries and pensions of their employees. It is apparent they have spent almost nothing on the facility they promised to maintain. They are pocketing all or most of the proceeds from our Public Park. This is just wrong.

When Elings resubmits their plans they may want to get the zoning right. Their last set of plans were zoned A-1 but the park is zoned PR with a subcategory of Sports Facility. This is a major mistake. Sneaky or stupid? You decide.

Two major problems exist for Elings overzealous plans.

First, the zoning does not allow for meeting rooms of any size and this includes yoga, office space or any other room that does not relate directly to tennis, storage or bathroom. A Sports Facility subcategory provides further restrictions on building.

Second, it appears from their plans that all 3 of the proposed tennis courts cross the Las Positas Municipal Tennis Court zoning boundary and spill over onto Elings Park zoning boundary. These are two separate zones and this is not allowed by the City. All the development must stay in the PR zone.

Elings clearly does not have the room for the proposed courts and no permission for the meeting rooms, according to the zone and subcategory of Las Positas Municipal Tennis Courts. Their plans are a NOGO and will need to be POOH POOHED or dramatic revisions will be needed upon submittal.

blahblah, you should stick to something you know about and Elings confiscation and obscene proposed development of Las Positas Municipal Tennis Courts is apparently not one of them.

On Architectural Board Blasts Elings Park Tennis Court Plans

Posted on June 1 at 7:17 a.m.

There is another old saying Schifter points out. "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Obviously Mr. Giffin and Elings Park are not familiar with this one. According to Mr. Giffin the 150 birds in hand were not as valuable as the ones they see in the bush. The wealthier birds? Or how about the old saying, one day chicken the next day feathers. It appears Elings has a handful of feathers. Are there any more old sayings that may apply to this folly?

On Elings Park Foundation Clears the Air on Taxpayer Subsidized Tennis

Posted on May 31 at 9:06 p.m.

There is another old saying " easy come easy go". Elings is motivated to get others to donate money to do the work and if it does not happen, no big. Any money raised is probably unsolicited, so it just goes into the slush fund for Elings payroll and pension and "improvements". If it doesn't work out Elings can give the courts back to the city with a 30 day notice. Big commitment. Hey Elings if you are committed to putting 1.1 million dollars into the deferred maintenance at Las Positas then put in writing and and give the public a schedule. The definition of maintenance is to keep the facility as it is at the best it can be and not create new corporate offices right in the middle of the tennis complex. If the new construction is included in your deferred maintenance estimate, then no thank you.

On Elings Park Foundation Clears the Air on Taxpayer Subsidized Tennis

Posted on May 31 at 5:38 p.m.

Elings has lost the 150 players that used to play there by ignoring and refusing to work with the public who built and has used the facility for decades.

The 1.1 million dollar deferred maintenance is a myth if not an outright lie. Please provide the public a clear breakdown of these figures.

A private juniors academy has been installed against the public interest and it appears Elings is trying to raise money to save an apparently failing endowment as described by Danny Vickers, the park director.

Elings received the courts for almost free and spends almost nothing to maintain them. They have grand plans to build their mediterranean villa style corporate offices at the top of court 3.

The public does not want a free pass, they just want to pay for what needs to be maintained and not for Elings grand plan. Elings has refused to work with the public or any other non profit to manage the tennis facility because they seem more interested in generating profits then accommodating the public for lower fees.

This article is a smoke screen trying to hide a very offensive and unacceptable public park give away.

If good government is letting things go into disrepair while the city covers pensions and payrolls, then give it away for free to avoid any expense, then we disagree on how an effective democracy works.

Las Positas is a public park and the Las Positas Tennis Group is forming a non profit to challenge the city and Elings park on this insider deal.

Please lend your support as our group emerges with an alternative plan.

Bruce Giffin the author of this article has written disparing comments about the public that uses the courts. He is on the board at Elings Park and apparently supports the privatization of this public park.

David Niles
Santa Barbara

On Elings Park Foundation Clears the Air on Taxpayer Subsidized Tennis

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