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Posted on August 11 at 3:48 p.m.

igor, I am hardly a supporter of McCaw. I believe that both immigration and labor laws should be enforced with equal vigor, indeed they overlap in the protection they provide against labor abuse and corruption. For example, did you know that strawberry growers in Washington State were employing 6 year olds as pickers? This was a result of non-enforcement of both kinds of laws.

I dislike the NP and Indy equally. Both publications, like most of the MSM, eschew hard questions on third-rail issues like immigration, and toeing the PC line does little to answer them.

On NLRB Orders <em>News-Press</em> to Reinstate Fired Reporters

Posted on August 11 at 3:09 p.m.

Barney, explain to me why you and many of the other previously fired NP staffers believe that Federal Labor law should be enforced to the full extent possible, but Federal Immigration law should not.

On NLRB Orders <em>News-Press</em> to Reinstate Fired Reporters

Posted on August 8 at 3:59 p.m.

Rather ignorant comment by rabbitrun. There is no more INS -- the interior immigration enforcement arm of DHS is ICE. The problem is that ICE often refuses to take custody of illegal aliens committing "minor" infractions, such as DUI, identity theft and welfare fraud.

In fact, ICE released an "administrative amnesty" memo to its agents, directing them to exercise prosecutorial discretion, i.e. avoid arresting illegal aliens with children, illegal aliens in college, illegal aliens who may be eligible for a future amnesty, and so on.

On Less Funding for Jail's Illegal Immigrant Inmates?

Posted on August 7 at 7:25 a.m.

Rep. Capps "The elimination of this funding is particularly egregious given that House Republicans have shown no appetite for taking up comprehensive immigration reform.”

I don't understand how comprehensive amnesty would help in this situation. The "undocumented criminals" in jail would become full-fledged citizens and we'd never be able to get rid of them. But today's undocumented criminals are tomorrow's amnestied Democratic voters, so maybe that's what Capps wants.

On Less Funding for Jail's Illegal Immigrant Inmates?

Posted on August 6 at 4:22 p.m.

I think Tom Lehrer said it best,

"Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics,
And the Catholics hate the Protestants,
And the Hindus hate the Muslims,
And everybody hates the Jews."

Except now they call them Zionists instead of Jews, especially in the Global Studies Program.

On Christian Terrorism

Posted on August 4 at 7:21 p.m.

I would think PUEBLO would realize they overreached if even Das voted against the TRUST legislation.

Here's the type of opinion you'll never read in the Independent, LA Times, SF Chronicles, or virtually any other "official" journalism-school type publication. It gives an eloquent explanation of why so many are so bitterly opposed to the attitude of entitlement and superiority of illegal aliens.

On Activist Group Opposes Federal Arrest, Deportation Program

Posted on July 28 at 9:25 a.m.

Here's the relevant part of the Port Huron Statement that strongly suggests support for mass immigration to effect demographic change and end racism. (But what happens when the non-white immigrants bring their own racism with them?) The SDS may have disbanded in 1969, but its leading members (Tom Hayden, Bill Ayers (originally SDS, then a Weatherman) became very influential in politics and education.

From the Statement

"White American ethnocentrism at home and abroad reflect most sharply the self-deprivation suffered by the majority of our country which effectively makes it an isolated minority in the world community of culture and fellowship. The awe inspired by the pervasiveness of racism in American life is only matched by the marvel of its historical span in American traditions. The national heritage of racial discrimination via slavery has been a part of America since Christopher Columbus' advent on the new continent. As such, racism not only antedates the Republic and the thirteen Colonies, but even the use of the English language in this hemisphere. And it is well that we keep this as a background when trying to understand why racism stands as such a steadfast pillar in the culture and custom of the country. Racial-xenophobia is reflected in the admission of various racial stocks to the country. From the nineteenth century Oriental Exclusion Acts to the most recent up-dating of the Walter-McCarren Immigration Acts the nation has shown a continuous contemptuous regard for "nonwhites." More recently, the tragedies of Hiroshima and Korematsu, and our cooperation with Western Europe in the United Nations add treatment to the thoroughness of racist overtones in national life. "

On Fear of Immigrants

Posted on July 28 at 8:40 a.m.

jfklbj, I think the idea that the U.S. tech industry cannot succeed without unlimited immigration is not much different from Riceman's disdain for "white boys". Microsoft , Apple and Intel were all founded by native-born US citizens, and in particular by those "white boys" so disliked by the progressive crowd. The first several generations of Macintosh computer were designed by white men and women -- read up on the history of Apple.

The problem is that the US citizens who would found the future Microsofts and Apples are not of the demographic that Riceman and Eastbeach would prefer -- too many would be white and of Asian descent. The second problem is that U.S. citizen scientists and engineers are viewed as too expensive by multinational corporations that want to bust wages.

Riceman really gets to the root of what this is about. Progressives believe that a "just" society cannot be white-majority, and mass immigration is the fastest way to drive the demographic change they want. Read the Port Huron Statement to understand where Riceman and Eastbeach are coming from on this issue. If the immigrants are poorly educated, welfare dependent and thus likely to vote Democrat so much the better. If the immigrants do well educationally and economically however, they too will be classified as "white" by the Riceman crowd, regardless of their previous racial status.

On Fear of Immigrants

Posted on July 27 at 5:56 p.m.

Binky, CEO may bill itself as a "conservative" organization, but its values including colorblindness and linguistic unity were considered "liberal" by my recollection until the late 1960s.

On Fear of Immigrants

Posted on July 27 at 5:06 p.m.

Open question for Mr. Pizano

I believe Roger Clegg and company have proposed a compromise on illegal immigration and amnesty that goes something like this -- Grant amnesty and set much higher levels of legal immigration (only from Mexico? from the rest of the world?) in exchange for

1. Eliminate bilingualism/multilingualism in the government and private sector.

2. Eliminate all ethnic and racial preferences in government and private sector employment and education.

3. Replace all multicultural and ethnic studies curricula in K-12 education with a strict assimilationist curriculum as prevailed until the 1965 immigration act.

Mr. Pizano -- would you accept 1-3 above? If not why not? If so, would you publicly call for 1-3 and urge all organization like MALDEF, NCLR and MEChA to do the same?

On Fear of Immigrants

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