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Posted on December 11 at 6:10 p.m.

Does anyone remember back in the late 80's ~ early 90's when Chet Taylor worked for a car company in town? I believe he was responsible for some similar wrong doings and I thought he wasn't allowed to sell cars any more.....? I know that his son Adam helped his family get back on the their feet after that and I believe Adam is responsible for his dad being able to be in the car business again. Adam has always had a love for cars, and although a lot of people may think Adam is a crook, I think he was very passionate about his business and wouldn't have initially done anything intentionally to jeopardize his business. From what I know Chet started doing shady stuff within the business and took advantage of Adam being his son by convincing Adam that what he was doing was okay. I believe the down ward spiral started when Chet started the bad business transactions and Adam had to cover these bad transactions so that his car business didn't go under. Unfortunately for Adam it snowballed and one cover turned into 5 covers and so on. Yes I think Adam did conduct some bad business transactions and he should be accountable for them, but i think that it was initiated by trying to cover for his shady father. I know the Taylor duo isn't well liked in the car business, but don't mistake this situation for some one who didn't know the business. Adam loves cars and cared about his clients, although in the end he was forced to abandon his morals to try and save a business he dearly loved.

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