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Posted on December 21 at 7:18 p.m.

Interesting Tough-on-Taxis comment from Jerry Droz. (Dec. 18, 2011) Will the police force selectively prosecute Brisa Marina now that Mr. Droz has opinionated that Chief Sanchez is corrupt?
Dear Mayor, Why has Cam not been canned? If he had been offered that pay raise from the other town he solicited on our taxpayers' dimes, he would have deserted us! By the way, who ordered the shredding of those police documents in the Lance DUI case that the Honorable Judge Hill dismissed? (Now the evidential facts will never be exposed in open court because the case is summarily closed.) Oh, and how did that drunk driver, DeNununzio get those bloody bruises during the time that the Chief's men were on him? Looks to me like the officer did little speaking and lots of bullying. What's up with grabbing the man's arm so soon ? Pretty docile drunk if you ask me. (Clever of the DA to avoid legal fees paid by the taxpayers to defend an abusive cop, which might make Cam look bad.)
It seems to me that when a Taxi stops to serve a pedestrian, the flow of traffic is improved (ie. another drunk out of the way.) but hey, what do I know, the alcohol business pays big taxes to the city and apparently so do the cabbies; via bogus citation fees. My observation is that squad cars usually cause the traffic backup; no doubt it's an illegally parked car of another boy in blue using proper force on a spent-out drunk) Dear Mayor, please publish the total revenues coerced from the poorest working people in the city.
Next time I need a cab, I'm looking for Jerry; if I can see him through my beer glasses. He needs my money to pay his share of city taxes: oh, I mean tickets. Santa Barbara Citizen.

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