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Posted on September 18 at 1:25 p.m.

as salam aleicum Ahmed;
Read your opinion and frankly I'm surprised. While you seem to use legalistic views on what is allowed and have forgotten what is acceptable in a social environment or even disregard that good manners may ask you not to express your opinion by burning the flag of the country which granted your parents entry, you also seem to have lost touch with both of our faith (yes I'm a muslim as well). While Islam will subscribe to a lot of ideals in the US constitution, a separation of state and religion is not part of our faith; in your personal live being a muslim our faith and allah come first, the scripture does not talk about a separation of state and religion, contrary a good leader in whatever political system is looked at through a religious perspective. Since we are in a pre-dominantly christian country, which allows us to follow our faith, we are guests and as such we owe a certain politeness and behaviour. Your view that only bigots will deny to build a mosque in NYC is not something a guest will bring up, remember Islam asks you to learn as well; building a community center and mosque in an area where there are only small remnants of an islamic community does not make much sense. We do not need a mosque to communicate with God, a mosque is build for a community to come together in prayer. I have some trouble finding that community in lower Manhattan, I lived there and paid 35000$ per month rent before 9/11, and I tell you, not many brothers in faith who live there, work may be but not live as a community. Respect and good manners ask us to respect when a place has a specific value for our fellow citizens (I'm not a citizen) and legally allowed does not mean socially acceptable. Some may take the discussion to extremes with book burnings etc but our faith means we tolerate other opinions; or do I hear a legalistic view from you because you believe in strategic missionary forward buildings?

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