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Posted on November 12 at 8:36 a.m.

Kind of a self-aggrandizing bunch of dribble. These guys may have a worth-while mission, but your sermonizing of them does no practical good for the cause.

On Why Occupy Los Angeles Should Occupy Your Heart

Posted on November 12 at 10:13 p.m.

Gotta say, I just went around to Warbler for the first time today. I happened in just as the photographer for this story was leaving ironically. Anyway, the selection is pretty great. I found a first edition of Bob Dylan's The Times Are a Changin' and a few other goodies. The owners, especially Leigh, are really friendly and chatty. Best of all, this new store really does save on a drive to Salzers or Grady's in Ventura. Do them and yourself a favor, and go check them out.

On A Visit to Warbler Records & Goods

Posted on December 2 at 11:22 a.m.

I have to agree with the sentiment posted so far. As an electrical engineering student, I can tell you that the amount of EM radiation put out by one of these micro-towers is minimal. Even if we were talking about a full-fledged television tower (100,000+ watts), you'd have to literally be within 10 feet for something like a month straight in order to get even the equivalent of an x-ray. The frequencies these devices operate at are entirely safe, and the energy level drops of geometrically with increasing distance. Here, you've got much smaller towers, so the risk is practically zero. Basically unless you build a treehouse on the top of the utility poll and move in, you're going to be fine. And if you actually did, you'd probably get more radiation from the electrical lines running through the poll anyway.

On County to "Beef Up" Wireless Antenna Rules

Posted on November 8 at 12:12 p.m.

I have to agree with Hank and take a stand on the other side of Alex's column. While well-written, a few things have to be acknowledged about IV. First, I've read elsewhere, but cannot confirm, that IV is the most densely populated census district in the country west of the Mississippi. As such, with such an overcrowded area, you are going to have a much higher rate of crime. I'm a teaching assistant at the university, and it seems that nearly every quarter, I have a student approach me saying they can't turn in homework or papers because their computer was stolen in a burglary. Personally in IV, I've seen a guy urinating in the street, a fight, and a girl up on a table stripping her clothes off to the chants of the on-lookers (while obviously intoxicated) at the Subway. The fact is that IV has a disproportionate problem with crime compared to other areas in the county.

When Halloween is considered, this becomes even more prevalent. The fact is that when you have tens of thousands of people on the street, many of whom are intoxicated, there is an environment where people are more likely to make poor decisions and break the law. Pinkerbell03 is dead on when saying that the students/visitors are the ones who choose to make those decisions. And despite arguments to the contrary, people who break the law do so at their own risk. If caught doing something stupid like being so obviously intoxicated that you can be arrested, there really isn't any basis to complain. Be smart and be responsible. The police should keep doing exactly what they are in IV.

On I.V. Foot Patrol: Friend or Foe?

Posted on October 28 at 8:50 a.m.

I have to say that this threatened appeal is another case of Santa Barbara hyperbolic reactionary dribble. The reality is that the improvements the Botanic Garden is asking for are small, sensible ones. In light of the devastating fire on the property, there is a tremendous amount of work needing to be done, which this plan does not even seemingly address I might add. Neighbors and property owners in the area will not be affected in any meaningful way by the visitors to the park. Having visited there, I can say that the neighboring properties are hardly even visible as they are substantially masked by the thick tree cover, which also dampens the noise. Moreover, we're not talking about what is exactly a rowdy crowd when considering the typical park visitor. Rather these are families with children or otherwise adults. My recent visit to the park was rather peaceful. However, there was a dog who came down from one of the neighboring properties who was rooting around destroying some of the garden's specimens. My partner and I were able to corral this dog and call the owner's number on the dog's tag, who indicated to us that he routinely escapes and loves to run through the garden--one responsible property owner...

It seems to me, then, that the Mission Canyon property owners are the ones acting carelessly here. Their advocates seem more concerned with isolating and excluding the general public from a local resource that we all should be able to enjoy. They are disingenuously using trumped up arguments about supposed "impacts" to their properties. I have to wonder how much impact that particular dog did in eating expensive plant specimens inside the park. In short, this is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

On Botanic Garden Plan Approved

Posted on July 22 at 12:02 p.m.

Good on them. There need to be more options like this available. If you haven't check out the Frontline documentary from last month detailing how this e-waste gets dumped wholesale in the developing world...really sickening.

On Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Posted on August 18 at 8:07 p.m.

As a relative newcomer to Santa Barbara, I'm shocked and saddened by the triteness and pointlessness of this debate. It strikes me that the Santa Barbara community is so concerned over an issue of such minimal importance to the city. I agree with the previous poster, Darnel. What makes 45' the magic height, why not 46' or 44'? It smacks of a the kind of meaningless debate this area is renowned for. The Santa Barbara area is confronted by real problems like escalating gang violence, an overcrowded and outdated county jail, a seriously deficient mental health system, and an economy that is so top-heavy with its cost-of-living that it risks collapsing under its own weight. Get your priorities straight!

On Let the Height Wars Begin

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