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Posted on April 9 at 12:14 p.m.

Strange that some want to use pesticides (Hello Monsanto & friends) instead of the parasitic wasp that was imported from Pakistan and currently used in Los Angeles. This bug is not going to go away, so we need to adapt to keep it under control. Citrus trees will need to be selected for resistance to the bacteria. I vote for the honeybees at this point.

On The residential pesticide applications against the Asian fruit fly:

Posted on October 17 at 5:03 p.m.

There is 1.1MegaKiloWatt (1.1GigaW) peak power per reactor at Diablo Canyon per Wikipedia, so you probably meant 1.3MegaKKW peak production for California home solar (1.3GigaWattHours)? And then each of the 125,000 homes produces an average output of 10KWh of power per day? Of course, a Diablo reactor puts out 24hrs x 1.1GW per day if running well.

Our 10 solar panels on the house peak about 2KW and we produced about 4MegaWattHours or 4000KiloWhr in a year. Since we were taking off Edison Tier 3 & 4 costs, at say an average of $0.25/KWhr, we saved about $1000 in a year to pay towards our system cost of about $8000 (after rebates). So we will have about an eight year payback time, and the panels are warranted for 87% power output for 25 years (the inverter for 10 years) if SunPower is still able to back the warranty. The environmental "feel good" part is a nice bonus on top of the savings. Anyway, thanks CEC for doing some investigation on the installer, making our choice easier.

However, the pay back probably would be better if one could buy shares of a solar plant located in the desert, as the fog along the coast cuts into the power production, and one has to worry about roof leaks and eventual roof replacement complication on top of a home.

I wish nuclear fission plants had an iron clad guarantee against meltdown, infinitely good radioactive waste storage, and did not involve plutonium radioactive substances that last 100,000years. So using the nuclear fusion power from the Sun (solar, wind, tides) seems the best route for now. Carbon sources need to be dumped, unless their pollution can be fully recaptured somehow, to prevent radically fast changes to our climate.

On Going Solar

Posted on September 18 at 5:34 p.m.

Still waiting for the public option...I think insurance and pharmaceutical systems are the drag on public health, seeing that other countries are paying half of what we pay. And they have better healthcare, longer life expectancies.

On Goleta Valley Hospital Upgrade

Posted on September 10 at 3:12 p.m.

This development should be kept for low height industrial/commercial purposes next to the freeway and railroad. Any mass of new housing should be placed in areas like Buellton or Los Alamos. Then boost increased public transportation to and from those areas to handle customers and workers for Goleta/sb. More public buses for customers and employees, with shops willing to organize/deliver large purchases (Costco/Home Depot, etc.) should be encouraged in our road limited area.

On Goleta Planners, Area Residents Critique Development Proposal

Posted on April 7 at 9:40 a.m.

And then you have the Bacara taking out eucalyptus trees on top of Haskell Hill east of the resort. On top of that, they have put up fences blocking walking up the hill with large "private property" signs attached. Then the irrigation system and grass sod they put up there is the icing on their cake, taking out more native grasses. Was this development permitted by the City of Goleta? I did not see any public notification permits posted on this. What is going on here? Future stealth construction of their condo units? How will this effect the existing trees on this hill?

On Eucalyptus Removal Kerfuffle

Posted on April 4 at 10:42 a.m.

I think the neighborhood should have a major say in how access to the preserve is regulated. The word about the monarch's location has spread worldwide and the visitor level is excessive at times. Setting up some viewing webcams in the little grove and restricting access like at the Grand Canyon may be the only solution. When there is a limited resource, there should be a user fee to access it, except for the native Coronadoans. It will be interesting to see if the Sperling preserve parking lot can handle the increase, but that does set some sort of limit on park users.

From this study, , native pines are preferred by monarchs for protection from winter storms. Dr. Ellwood's eucalyptus trees are a 2nd choice.

On Butterflies and Parking Problems

Posted on March 8 at 9:02 a.m.

My 401k will never keep up with real inflation when the hedge funds are churning the markets up and down. There needs to be a rule that stock positions must be kept for at least 30 days to prevent some of the speculation going on and stabilize the markets. But then there is the various manipulations of the private "Federal" Reserve Wall Street banks covering the liars loans and derivative scam losses they created. Goldman Sachs types will keep us spinning our wheels while they control the marketplace, fixing the ups and downs. Even large pension plans, unless they belong to the Wall Street cabal, will be primarily dependent on index values which tend to move sideways. Locking in some higher dividend paying stocks or bond returns may barely stay with inflation. But how can anyone compete with the money guys in NY?

Back to government pension plans, it seems that the "safety" guys have pushed the systems over the edge with retirement payout starting at age 50. Plus with our prison system expanding during the drug wars and therefore needing more and more high paid "correctional" officers, we are draining the budgets. A bit lower pay for other government positions is called for in exchange for the higher job security.

On Cap Pensions, Don't Destroy Them

Posted on March 3 at 9:43 a.m.

Thanks for the article. I do not understand why the meters have to communicate every 10-15 seconds back to Edison. I would think that a radio transmission once a month to report usage and save on meter readers is enough. If someone wants more data, then they can choose to increase their meter reporting rate, but still there is the issue of accumulated exposure to electromagnetic energy and possible hot spots in a neighborhood. Cell phones were found not to cause an increase in brain cancer, but with the caveat that "participants with the highest level of cellphone use had a 40 percent higher risk of glioma, an aggressive type of brain tumor" ( ). How do these smart meters compare in frequency range and power output to cell phones? What if your head was just on the other side of the wall from the transmitting meter? I find it hard to trust what the corporations say and it is hard to find reviewers (and politicians) that are not biased by corporate funding. Due to the unknown unknowns, my cell phone is for short periods, using the speakerphone to keep it away from my head. I think the same should apply to smart meters.

On Smart Meters Can Be Postponed If Homeowners Act Today

Posted on December 31 at 9:29 a.m.

I think the out of control (lack of effective regulation) wall street speculators and cheats gambling with derivatives of derivatives caused the crash, not the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) attacked by Rush Limbaugh. The CRA was to enable first home buyers in cities to prevent landlord ghettos. Most of the improper loans, made by entities like Countrywide (bought by Bank of America), were for highly overpriced homes in suburbia. But again, it was the exponential gaming by the large financial corporations without any moral standards that smashed the economy. Congressional lackeys of those corporations are the enablers. Occupy the Goldman-Sachs and the Senate!

On Capitalism in Crisis

Posted on December 10 at 9:14 a.m.

There are just too many ways for these Uranium/Plutonium nuclear fission plants to fail catastrophically, and what can happen, will happen. Shut them down, but then still we have the radioactive waste, "hot" for thousands of years, with no where to go. Maybe just throw it into the ocean or up into the atmosphere like Fukushima?

I use nuclear Fusion power for my home...Solar! We just need to further develop the energy storage systems to cover night time and stormy weather darkness. This future will be bright.

If we really need massive amounts of power, maybe Thorium nuclear fission will be an option, if it truly can be passively safe and if the radioactive waste can be tolerated. A lot of "ifs".

On Should the two nuclear power plants in California be shut down?

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