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Posted on December 22 at 4:45 p.m.

There is a whole lot of uniformed or misinformed opinion reflected in these comments. This is not a case of "who is right: the teacher or Ronzone?" The unfortunate truth is that there are two "villains" here: both Ronzone AND the teacher who is bringing suit. As a former parent of children attending that school, I happen to know many people involved in the Roosevelt community: teachers, parents, students. I will not comment on the suit, but I will say this: that teacher is well-known to be a nice person, but is difficult to work with and not a strong teacher.She is the kind of person who makes everyone around her work harder and does not get the job done. That is how teachers who've had to work with her feel, but they can't go on record and talk about it, and furthermore, they bear her no ill will; they just want her out of there.

Now as far as Ronzone....."a divisive figure" is right: Me and others have watched over the years as her oppressive and authoritarian style of leadership has driven off many teachers, staff, and families.

The article mentioned that her office staff has turned over twice. Think about what that means: the people who work with her most intimately, on a daily basis, cannot tolerate working under her. This includes several people who had a long, happy history at that school; who had gotten along beautifully with staff and former principals for YEARS, who were extremely competent in their jobs....but who felt they had to leave to keep their sanity. Several of the staff and teachers who left are thriving and well-respected at other schools, so what does that tell you?

Ronzone inspires not loyalty, but FEAR. The best you will hear from staff who've remained there over the years is "She's not as bad as she used to be." I believe that parents who swear by her do not see her in the same context as teachers and staff who must work with her on a daily basis; it's a whole lot different when she is your boss. She is simply not a very nice person, and can be cruel in her dealings. Does a principal have to be a sweetheart, warm fuzzies-type? No. But they also can't be the kind of person who browbeats people and kills staff morale.

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