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Posted on October 21 at 7:51 a.m.

>>>Patricia Vogt voluntarily resigned from her post, one that earned her between $95,000 to $108,000 a year.

That much money for a payroll clerk?!?!? No wonder the teachers can't get what they deserve. Pay a grade school teacher that much and you would attract nothing but the best. Of course you would have to get rid of some of the non-performers, which the union would never allow.

On Payroll Shenanigans?

Posted on October 20 at 5:03 p.m.

This is outrageous. We just saw what happened when other gang bangers were released from jail. It is a sad day for the Santa Barbara legal system.

This is just another item in a looooong extremely poor decisions by Judge Hill. Eric Frimpong, an innocent man is sitting in jail for an act that he DID NOT COMMIT due to Hill's incompetence. It gets worse. I believe that I read Hill is the judge for the George Ied murder.

On Getaway Driver Released Until Sentencing

Posted on October 17 at 10:07 a.m.

Ok. Besides immigration laws, driving and insurance laws, and document forgery, which other laws should illegal aliens be exempted?

On Impoundments Spread Distrust

Posted on October 16 at 5:24 a.m.

Why is the bail for these extremely violent offenders set at 500,000 yet the people arrested at the dispensary have bails of TWO MILLION DOLLARS?

There is something very wrong with the legal system in Santa Barbara.

On Accused Eastside Attackers in Court

Posted on October 15 at 8:49 a.m.

Scam Sanchez's comments are almost verbatim to his comments after the beating and mugging on Shoreline Drive in 2007 in which the victim was a was a man out for a walk in his neighborhood.

This time he admits that he and SBPD have done absolutely squat regarding gangs. Gator Roll? That was a federal operation. Wait, wasn't Scam running and touting HIS success with that?

It is time he lost his job.

Year long investigations for pot eradication? How many of these have we read about? A meeting to address priorities? DAMN SCAM! WTF? Where was that meeting the other times innocents were attacked? Are you saying there was no discussion to "rearrange the department’s priorities" when a kid is murdered on State Street? Murdered during the Fourth of July among innocents?

What was your reaction then? Oh, you took a trip to Texas on taxpayer funds. We want our money back.

Apparently not! Oh, there were those pow-wows and picnics arranged so the gangs could strategize. That's tough on gangs, Scam. It's time you left town. Take your ego stroking On-Patrol TV show with you.

On Accused Eastside Attackers in Court

Posted on October 15 at 6:36 a.m.

When will the investigation of the sign burning be complete. It is extremely odd that the grass around the signs was not burnt, that the sign appears to only be singed as if by a bic lighter, and the 420 on the curb was just a little too neat. Come on, STENCILED!?!

And what is the likelihood that you would even notice the 420 on the curb? Think about it. You are traumatized by the invasion of your space, the burning of your message in the front yard, so much so that you walk to the sidewalk and look over the curb at your toes. Uh-huh.

This sign burning incident is an entire fabrication, a misuse of the press and public trust, and grandstanding by blowhards on a mission of self-interest. Unfortunately there will not be a damned thing done about it.

On Burned Sign Backlash

Posted on July 17 at 8:16 a.m.

"The best argument for keeping abortion rights legal and for the necessity of Roe v. Wade is the BASTARD sitting in the White House RIGHT NOW."
—Christina Marlow, Summerland

"SARA PALIN should have been strangled in her crib."
—Christina Marlow, Summerland

"And the unforgivably and increasingly thoroughly ignorant morons that now make up the overwhelming majority of the US population, they, whether Republican or Democrat, will, of course, just keep on voting for these vile and reprehensible liars, all the while shooting themselves in their very own filthy feet."
—Christina Marlow, Summerland

She's got more folks, lots more:

On Busybodies and the Bridge

Posted on February 5 at 8 a.m.

POD is a front organization for the roving gangs -

Note comments in that article for further information.

On POD Debuts at Maritime Museum

Posted on November 12 at 10:14 a.m.

Save our race. Know the truth.

On Dolphins Suspected in Porpoise Deaths

Posted on August 28 at 12:04 p.m.

So does this mean that non-human animals receive better break from the IRS than humans? Pet care expenses can be deducted from the point the first penny is spent.

On the other hand, human medical expenses are only deductible if you itemize and only if they exceed 7.5 percent of your adjusted gross income (10% if you are subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax). You can only deduct the medical and dental expenses above that floor.

I am in a state of jaw dropping, absolutely total disbelief that this is even being considered. It's even sadder that it will probably pass because of the pet lobbies. While human health care reform will not happen due to insurance lobbies.

On HAPPY Act Could Save Money for Pet Owners

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