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Posted on September 16 at 11:55 a.m.

I have heard different accounts from friends of the "victims" and of Mr. Richardson. Putting those stories together with what has been reported ALL parties should be held accountable for their part in what happened. The girls willingly climbed onto that vehicle so they should be held accountable for their part. If Clowers lied once, is he lying about his part in this? He should be held accountable for that. Mr. Richardson is being punished for his part. Mr. Clowers and Ms. Keebler: You two may think you are getting away something if you are not being honest, but one day you will need to answer to the man up above and HE DOES KNOW what really happened. If you are not telling the truth how do you sleep at night? I honestly don't know how you do. Alcohol and cocaine? Hopefully not.

Perhaps if you were held accountable the rest of us could rest easy that we would be a little safer on our streets.

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