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Posted on November 30 at 1:56 p.m.

Merry x-mas to all you fat cat bankers

On Grim Friday Comes for SBB&T Employees

Posted on November 21 at 9:19 a.m.

The children will understand

On Not Fun for All

Posted on November 6 at 8:56 a.m.

i just wasted 90 seconds reading this and commenting about it. Yikes, get a life lady...

On Doing the Opposite

Posted on November 1 at 12:03 p.m.

Yes, InformedVoter is correct... let's let Monsanto continue to hide and mislead the public. Trust Monsanto to do what's right for us. They did well with Agent Orange, DDT, Aspartame, PCB's, BGH, and other chemicals. Yes, let chemical companies be in charge of deciding what's healthy and what's not.

Oh, and it is poorly written... which is why Dow, DuPont, and Monsanto have to spend millions and have spent millions in other state to defeat this prop and ones similar to it. It must be written perfectly before we should expect change in this area, change that 40+ other countries have already instituted. Don't let that change begin here in CA with this prop. Just don't do it. Click on this youtube video for a helpful explanation from Monsanto:

On Frankenfood Freak-Out

Posted on October 23 at 4:48 p.m.

He probably shouldn't have ran when chased by a park ranger. It's reminiscent of OJ running away in his white bronco. You don't usually run when you've done nothing wrong. That's my experience. While it doesn't automatically equate guilt, don't you just expect more, a lot more from a police officer? Well, you don't if we're talking about KB.

On Former SBPD Detective on Trial

Posted on October 23 at 4:40 p.m.

Peter Lance is an investigative journalist. I think he's provided enough investigating to warrant some analysis of this situation from someone outside of SB. Yes, there's always two sides of story but Beutel has successfully been able to keep herself from telling her side and the report paid for by the city isn't going to be made available.

Officer Beutel's award winning service to our community has only successfully paid off with camera's being installed in cop cars so we won't have to question which cops are dirty and who's telling the truth. Much appreciated officer...

On Unjustified Animus

Posted on October 23 at 4:26 p.m.

Here's what the SBPOA should have said in support of officer Beutel: "We know that an investigation was conducted as a result of the allegations brought up by the SB News Press, and we know that while tax payers funded that investigation, it is going to remain private and unavailable. Hahahaha tax payers.... Good luck in drawing your own conclusions about her behavior but as far as the broiler plate methodology goes, we have to write this worthless piece and give all the appearances that we support her actions and that we think she's a good cop."

Seriously, even commenting about this piece is a total waste of my time and energy. But, I will say this.... it scares the day lights out of me that so few people in this town even know about what's happening. They have no clue about this story and the ramifications of it. Will they ever wake up and smell the coffee? Maybe they can... maybe they can have 'coffee with a cop', and ask the officer in question why she asked the minister to back date her marriage date? Everyone must think that's ok, I haven't heard of anyone caring? Or maybe they can ask her why she would want to frame someone for a drug plant in jail. Oh, and be sure to thank her for being the cop responsible for getting camera's back into vehicles. We appreciate that Officer Beutel. Thank goodness for cameras. Also please ask her why she reported so many drunk driving arrests that she was not even on scene for. I'm curious why she would lie about that. Thanks

On In Support of Officer Kasi Beutel

Posted on October 23 at 4:01 p.m.

It may be poorly written but it's a start. We (the concerned consumer) gotta start somewhere and as far as I know, the big chemical companies have successfully fought against any GMO labeling laws in other places. They've succeeding in striking down similar efforts by other states (legislative bodies) to get labeling on packages of GMO foods. I'm not entirely against GMO foods, as I've been eating them since their introduction into the food system here somewhere back in the 90's. But, what makes me laugh and what seems inconsistent is that when we buy clothes, the manufactures have to put exactly what the material is made from. It has to be labeled. When you buy any product it has to tell you where that product came from. We want to know with a simple label if the food we're buying is made from scientifically altered sources. The language could be questionable. There might be frivolous lawsuits as a result of this prop passing. Surely Dow, DuPont, or Monsanto will sue the state once it does pass, but we've got to take a stand and start somewhere with the process. Otherwise we'll end up in a zombie state. And that won't be good for this clever video illustrates.

On Label GMO Food

Posted on October 17 at 8:42 a.m.

Good luck to our fire fighters and first response units... as well as the Air Tankers bringing in water. hope they put this out sooner than later, as I'm sure everyone else does too

On Fire Near Painted Cave

Posted on September 5 at 2:34 p.m.

Good job on the parents part for not giving up. I would sue this woman if I were them. Good luck, and I hope she gets the book thrown at her. This behavior is reprehensible and while I can't suggest what I'd really like to say, I hope the D.A. pushes this one through quickly. Also, I realize it's only a misdemeanor but in my eyes this is more like a felony. A couple days in jail would be good for this woman.

On Alleged Dog Bite Denier Faces Prosecution

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