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Posted on May 13 at 10:33 p.m.

This is so sad and my heart goes out to the "real people" who are getting evicted. This is a place so many called home as it was where they worked hard long hours to put food on their tables, roofs over their families heads and passion in their work which many of us benefited from and admired.

To sum it up, this is just another example how the City (and DON'T forget the Corrupt COUNTY, especially the planning and development & grading departments,) put us all into major bankruptcy and are harassing innocent people to help the developers, their "buddies" they grew up with, using the system to only benefit themselves, pay THEIR salaries (huge benefits & retirement packages) and is an attempt to dig them out of the hole they dug themselves into.

We have seen this over and over and OBVIOUSLY the economy is not getting any better. This is all going to come and bit you in the butt as more stories like this will be coming out soon on the conduct of how the City & County Planning & Dev./grading department have and still are breaking the law. SO WAKE UP AND LEAVE THEM AND ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE IN SANTA BARBARA CITY & COUNTY ALONE!

I urge people to contact Ethan Stewart at the Independent and tell their stories about how they have or are being harassed, threatened, made to pay false fines, treated unfair, etc. We are and will!

Concerned citizens need to organize, demonstrate, protest and demand change from the elected officials and paid employees WE pay through our taxes. We need to crush the "not my problem" attitude of these people and MAKE IT THEIR PROBLEM. They can't be allowed to go around ruining peoples lives because it furthers their career or because some buddy of theirs owes some buddy a favor. I say take it to the streets and make your voices heard!

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