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Posted on April 5 at 10:27 p.m.

Lois, with all due respect, you have not proposed any meaningful legislation that has passed in your entire time in congress. You could help balance the budget by offering to retire instead of being a rubberstamp for the democratic agenda which is bent on bankrupting the country and has not produced any visible improvement from the Bush craziness. We are now in 3 wars, still operating Gitmo and running the largest deficits ever. At the rate Obama is going we will increase our total national debt by 60% in his first four years yet that doesn't seem to concern you or anybody in Congress. The CBO is projecting we will not balance our budget once in the next ten years and is projecting a reduction to a $750 billion deficit in 2021. At this rate we will have no capacity for social programs due to our debt service assuming we can still find countries willing to buy our bonds. Have you thought about what it will be like when treasury rates increase from this historical low. What would it be like if the increase 50% or double or more. We will really be in a world of hurt. I am willing to pay more taxes except I don't believe they would go to balancing the budget let alone reducing the national debt. Show us you have the discipline to sustain a balanced budget for a few years then raise the tax issue and I think you will find the voters will be more receptive. You need to make the hard choices now and both parties need to stop kicking the can down the road.

On Lois Capps's Statement on Republican Budget

Posted on November 19 at 11:06 a.m.

I would agree that we should maintain the rural character of Montecito, but a limited sidewalk project around MUS, in my opinion is a good idea. Anything we can do to encourage parents to get out of their cars and walk their kids to school or let them walk on their own when they are older is good for the community and the environment. What is more rural than the notion of walking to school? We as a community have gotten away from that. As a youth I walked or rode my bike to school every day and enjoyed the independence from my mom and the empowerment of making and being accountable for my own schedule and transportation. I think a sidewalk could be constructed that respects the design sensibilities and rural nature of the area and provides the feeling of safety that many desire. There is plenty of room to satisfy both side of the issue.

While we're on the rural topic I would love to bury all the power and utility lines in Montecito, a project which was considered a few years ago. Let's revive that discussion!

While were on the safety topic how about extending the bike lanes along the major travel corridors, particularily East Valley Road. Better bike lanes would encourage that mode of transportation and be good for the environment and our health. What a positive message this would evoke about the rural nature of Montecito.

Thanks for reading!

On Don't Put Sidewalks in Montecito

Posted on April 1 at 3:32 p.m.

I think Das would make a great State Assemblyperson and represent the interests of Santa Barbara and his district well. Possibly, he could reintroduce the negotiated comprimise agreement with Plains Exploration which seems like a win for all as there is a set ending date to the project, 350 acres of pristine coastline would be protected and both the county and the State would be compensated at a time when funding is challanged.

As for experience, Das has done a respectible job on the City Council, has been through more than one election cycle and has worked on other candidates campaigns as a great team player. Also, it is important to note that we elected Lois Capps to Congress who had no prior experience and hasn't done anything of significance in her time in the House of Representatives, yet, for some reason, her district is gaga for her. I think we should expect more from our elected officials and I believe Das has the desire and capability to deliver.

On Das Williams: "I'm In"

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