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Posted on April 24 at 2:39 p.m.

It is *you*, visJar, who said ``$409 per SBUSD student extra would be the wealth redistribution bonus if MUS and SBUSD were combined.''

**wealth redistribution*** ???


Everybody pays taxes. I have to pay a far higher fraction of my income for FICA than people who make greater than $150,000 a year income, or, that most of the people who get their $ from carried interest, pay in FICA.

Never once have I heard you or anyone else call the regressive FICA system referred to you as `wealth redistribution*.

That is what is not a pretty sight.

For you, vissJar, taxes paid by others to subsidize you and your friends are just fine, no matter how extravagant or corrupt the system that provides those taxes is.

On the other hand, one cent paid in taxes by you or your friends is `wealth redistribution'. That is the `not pretty sight' in this discussion.

The basic aid system is just another example of the true financial redistribution system in the tax system of the US, which under layers of false propaganda and tax attorneys, is entirely one that takes from the poor and subsidizes the entitlements of the rich.

What is not a pretty sight vissJAR: all the falsehoods you have filled this comments section with, like, comparing W-2 based compensation of California teachers with the straight salary without benefits of teachers in other states; not correcting for larger class sizes in California; not accounting for the burden of English-learners in California student assessments.

People like you are the problem: you stymie true reform because everyone knows you just want to help your buddies.

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Posted on April 24 at 10:26 a.m.

The usual argument from visJar... to boil it down, he argues that he should not have to pay any taxes, because his share constitutes an infinitesimal contribution to the overall tax pool, and the absence of his taxes will therefore not matter.

Just change `his taxes' to `revenue from Basic Aid' districts. Or, he is using the same argument that every amoral exploiter, from corrupt military contractors to undocumented immigrants, use to justify their position.

visJar would be happiest if he and his friends paid nothing and if all the other public revenue were paid out to him and his friends.

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Posted on April 23 at 9:27 a.m.

JJ says, ``when today's educational product (aka students) are so woefully under-prepared'' ... particularly true at Montecito Union School, where even though $22,630/student is spent, they do worse in the 4th & 6th grade at the Math Superbowl than students at Isla Vista Elementary, where far less money is available.

Nonetheless, JJ says: ``Hang tight MUS, hope they don't take you down too.''

Which shows JJ's true allegiance: you don't care at all about performance and outcomes, but only about grabbing public funds for your friends.

Unions are just exactly like you, they just have different friends who you despise.

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Posted on April 22 at 3:18 p.m.

You are lazy, careless, and make demonstrably false claims. That has nothing to do with the teachers' unions, JarvisJarvis.

Your illogic is vast. You are wrong, and that has no logical relationship whatsoever to anything about teachers.

California teachers are simply not #1 in pay among US teachers. That statement is false, and has nothing to do with, say, a different false allegation that you torture hamsters. So you don't have to deny torturing hamsters, because there is no evidence you do.

There is no evidence that the teacher's union has anything to do with the fact that California teacher pay is #4, not #1, in the nation. The claim of #1 is simply your mendacity.

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Posted on April 22 at 1:01 p.m.

More keyboard flatus from JarvisJarvis:

``Obviously the teachers unions are out to get you.''
Paul Orfalea... what union does he subscribe to?

``and here is as good as anywhere to flush out the opposition to reform, change, progress and accountability.''

Yes, you are the one who wants extravagant waste of public funds in Montecito US, where the 4th and 6th graders underperform Isla Vista Elementary School 4th & 6th graders in math.

``even though California teachers are the highest paid in the nation now and more revenues are flooding into the system.''

Apples-to-Apples comparisons do not support your claim, they indicate that California is at best 4th, and is high simply because California has a high cost of living.

You are so indolent and entitled, JarvisJarvis, that you have never bothered to get W-2 data for any state other than California. So you compare W-2 data for California, which includes medical benefits (also notoriously expensive in California, in order to pay the multi to 100 million dollar salaries of hospital and insurance company executives) to data for the other states which are not W-2.

``Hang tight MUS, hope they don't take you down too.''

Your clarion call to keep spending extra money on ineffective teaching for the entitled.

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Posted on April 22 at 5:29 a.m.

JarvisJarvis writes..
``those residents paying the highest property taxes in this state who would be seeing a disproportionate loss of value for their own neighborhood schools.''

And who pays more than 1% of a value, that, well, often in Montecito has been kept to a value from 1978 not even adjusted for inflation? But if you show me a Montecito resident who pays 5% of assessed value, or 20% of assessed value, I'll agree with you.

JJ write:
`` I have no interest in standing in judgement on that issue.''

Of course... extravagant expenditures of public funds like those in the Montecito Union School district are just fine with you, as long as your buddies get it. If people you don't like get the public funds, you are upset. You have no concept of a measured, rational system of disbursing public funds based on merit, effect, and salutary outcomes, for you it is just: as long as your buddies get their fingers first into the public till, you are delighted.

14noscams wrote
``sevendolphins, do you understand the issue of "basic aid" schools?''

Obviously, my second post above made first mention of basic aid. I also understand laws that supported apartheid and Jim Crow. Just because you have a legal policy and give it a confusing name like `basic aid' does not make it right or best for the education of our children.

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Posted on April 21 at 3:25 p.m.

Great, tell Montecito Union School district they only need $7812/student.

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Posted on April 21 at 3:33 a.m.

Well, Jarvis, you favor using public dollars for catered foie gras lunch for kids in the Montecito Union School district.

You are being inconsistent. On the one hand you evince unconditional support for anybody who has wangled a way to get rich, even if it means taking public money for foie gras lunches for little kids in a rich school district.

It is inconsistent for you to criticize somebody like Centinela Valley Unified School District Superintendent Jose Fernandez for just being enterprising.

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Posted on April 21 at 3:20 a.m.

Public funds should never be used for fancy catered meals for any elementary school students, JarvisJarvis. You've descended into hilarious lunacy.

Montecito parents are free to send their chauffeurs in with foie gras for their kids in the Montecito schools on the parent's tabs. But it is not right to use public funds for that purpose, period.

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Posted on April 20 at 9:14 p.m.

Great, if money does not buy educational quality, go convince the Montecito Union School district of that, and convince them to transfer the excess $14,600 they have per student out of the district.

Your logic will be impeccable. Go for it, JarvisJarvis. If they refuse, say they are promulgating petty class warfare, that the rich deserve more money for worse outcomes.

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