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Posted on August 6 at 12:16 p.m.

Solvang's Danish folklife is fine, although, out of place & climate.

But really, an `As Seen on TV Store' ? The breakfast & pastry places are great, but a lot of junky stores have taken root there too, and lots of tourists waddling around dropping sticky junk food on the sidewalks. I don't see the difference with a Casino.

On Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower

Posted on August 5 at 5:31 p.m.

The spot where the north/south runway of the current airport is was the deepest inlet of the Slough and was not filled by the floods of the 1860's. It survived a long, long time, until filled with dirt & graves from Mescalitan Island.

The skeletons were so thick in that dirt that the workers called it Skeleton Island. A fair chance Cabrillo's bones were there.

There has not been one government in charge of the Mideast since Jesus was crucified. There has been one government in charge of California since 1850, and that government condoned genocide. The reparation that has been worked out has been to let the California Indians control casino gaming. I'm not at all convinced that outside interests control the Chumash, although surely many California casinos are controlled by South African and Israeli interests.

Anything the Chumash do won't be worse than Solvang, a phony Danish town filled with hotels and tourists. Now I like it, actually, I like Denmark. But it is totally out of place.

On Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower

Posted on August 5 at 12:03 p.m.

We don't own a horse, high or low, and we ride our 7-fold bike and take the delightful bus, Ken_Volok. We do have a battered 20-year-old van we drive every now and then, particularly to cycling events.

It is Surfrider, those notable environmentalists, who drive SUVs to the surfing spots and demand parking for them.

The ghosts of Mescalitan Island wail because their graves were plowed into the wetlands of the Goleta Slough, where the shellfish once sustained one of the largest villages on the South Coast, S'axpilil. Once the upturned sacred graves killed the wetland, a poop processing plant was erected where the graves were.

Seems to me a pretty good reason for ghosts to wail, but if you don't care about wetlands, or disturbing graves, or putting poop in another culture's sacred spot, none of that would bother you, Ken_Volok. And I'll bet you think there is just enough local poop processing power for you and yours, but miraculously, not enough for anybody else.

The Canaleno didn't much care for the Ynezeno. Still don't. The ghosts don't wail for the Casino.

But the bigger principle is that our dear State of California condoned genocide. A historical fact. Indeed, a long, long, time ago, but there is no statute of limitations on genocide.

On Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower

Posted on August 5 at 9:54 a.m.

I have no self loathing. I like living here, my house, and I don't mind sharing it with the Chumash.

It is you billclausen, and you, Ken_Volok who wail and tear out your hair about the consumption of resources, but indeed, *you consume them too*. You must hate yourself for all your personal destruction of our local environment.

And you distort my position repeatedly: I don't blame anyone alive for the genocide of the California natives. No bills of attainder.

But the California government condoned it, the very same California government still in power now. And so it makes sense to me that the California government gives special privilege to the descendants of the state-sponsored genocide. I guess Ken Volok thinks that documents like the State Constitution have no lasting value, and the rule of law can be changed willy-nilly by whatever random politicians we elect. Me, I think the corporate entity that is the State must account for its actions on which there are no statute of limitations.

Thanks for pointing out the second tragedy at Cold Spring. So I get the rate of suicide post-barrier as 0.83/year. Pre-barrier it was 1.10/year. Seems to me that 0.83 is a smaller number of 1.10, but I'm sure real experts like Garrett Glasgow would assure all the dolphins that 1.10 is really smaller than 0.83.

As to what is statistically significant, what do I know, I'm just an actuary. Glasgow assured me I was an idiot to question the statistical significance of his claims. He is sure dolphins cannot count.

So nice that in early Calfornia, seized indian boys could be sold for $60, but girls, useful for, say, a little bit of the old in and out, went for $100.

On Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower

Posted on August 4 at 10:13 a.m.

Ah 14, you know, fish do need bicycles. Or I should say, sea mammals. Nothing like a night bike ride (on our seven-fold tandem) around the airport when the ground fog rises from the Slough. The weeping of the ghosts of all the Chumash who now have a poop-plant on their sacred graves fills the air. But thank goodness they like dolphins, they avoid the white devils entirely.

billclausen, how wonderful if our state was the people. Then the state could welch on all sorts of obligations, like, paying $ in lawsuit judgements, or making pension payments, or MediCAL. But the state is a legal entity, and looks to me like you agree the one we have now is very one and the same with the one admitted to the Union on Sept. 9, 1850. The very same one that passed laws encouraging the genocide of California Natives.

I'm only aware of one suicide since the barrier went up. That is single, not plural suicide*s*. In two years. A less patient dolphin than us might say that the rate of suicide has fallen in half… used to be one a year. But careful people do know that statistics are a fickle business. Perhaps after 20 years we will conclusively know whether the barrier made a difference.

It does seem to us that there are more folks who get on the bridge and threaten, and then get talked down. Hmmm…. maybe that is a good sign. The other effect is: the bridge was in the news a lot. Might bring people to it until the PR dies down, which will take 5 years or so. BTW, the GGB is getting nets. Now out in Isla Vista, that is where the view of our Channel is exceptional, and where nets not fences make sense.

Ken Volok, don't waste water trying to drown a dolphin pod. There is a drought on, you know.

On Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower

Posted on August 3 at 10:18 p.m.

I really believe that as a corporate and legal entity, the State of California now constituted is the same as that admitted to the Union on September 9, 1850.

All obligations of that entity remain obligations of that entity, no matter what date between Sept. 9, 1850 and the present they were undertaken.

If you and billclausen say a new State of California was established and admitted to the Union, please provide the date that that new State was admitted to the Union.

Or, if the current State defaulted on its legal commitments, please provide the date of that default.

Ditto Santa Barbara County. With the dates changed, ditto the United States of America.

If not, remember, there is no statute of limitations on heinous crimes.

On Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower

Posted on August 3 at 9:53 p.m.

Ah, hahahaha, billclausen. You say, " The government of today is not the same one who brutalized the Indians".

So you say that the current State of California is not the same State of California that was admitted to the Union on Sep. 9, 1850? When was a new State of California constituted? Please supply its date of admission to the Union, billclausen.

billclausen says, `people are still jumping off the bridge'… name more than one person who has jumped off and their date of jumping.

On Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower

Posted on August 3 at 12:18 p.m.


1. Santa Barbara advertises internationally. Why shouldn't the Chumash do the same?

2. & 3. Hone your reading skills and you'll discover that I support the development of the Chumash property as well as the development that led to my housing and your housing too. I don't want to live in a cave. You are the one that miraculously and hypocritically feels that there are resources just sufficient to cover yourself and maybe your friends, but nobody else, and particularly not the Chumash. And you call me racist! You lazily have descended to Godwin's Law. And if you notice, I don't accuse you or DrDan or billclausen of genocide. But our government agencies, duly constituted and in power since 1850 or so, did endorse genocide. So sorry about that, but there is no statute of limitations.

Took me a while do decode eleventysevens' comment. Midnight Oil got it right.

On Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower

Posted on August 3 at 11:47 a.m.

Armenta doesn't bring them, they decide to bring themselves.

Santa Barbara works incredibly hard to make itself a tourist destination. So it is OK for the hotels down on Cabrillo near the beach to attract tourists, or for a the Old Spanish Days to attract tourists, but not for the Chumash (how predate Old Spanish Days by 10,000 years or so) to attract tourists?

If you complain about scarce resources, you should remediate all resources you consume to pre-Columbian status, or you are a hypocrite. Your consumption of resources is no better or worse than the Chumash's consumption. You have no favored status.

And from a governmental perspective, there are ample reasons to favor the Chumash in their requests to consume resources. They were the victims of genocide that was supported by all our government agencies. Not by any of you, of course, but indeed by the government agencies still in power in this County, State, and Country.

On Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower

Posted on August 3 at 9:20 a.m.

I've not called anyone racist. In fact quite the contrary, those who live here now didn't put bounties on the heads of the male California natives, nor did they encourage the seizure of women and children of California natives as slaves, sexual and otherwise.

However, it was our County Government and State Government that did so. The very same ones now still in control of our dear State and County. There is no statute of limitations on genocide.

All I perceive from the anti-Chumash is some sort of transfer of this criticism of our Government into a personal accusation of racism on the part of the anti-Chumash. The closest I get is: either your are against genocide and rape or you are not. If you are against those things, you must hold our County & State government responsible. Period. Some of that burden does fall on all of us who live here, but it is not a personal accusation of racism. Stop hauling racism into it, that is just intellectually dishonest.

`Limited natural resources?', really DrDan? Does it ever occur to you that you are saying their just happen to be just enough natural resources to cover you, but my goodness, just too few natural resources to cover the Chumash? Amazing, isn't it. There always is an amazing conspiracy of the natural environment to just allow the anti-Chumash to have enough resources, but not enough for the Chumash. Incredible.

David Crosby is a drug addled gun nut. Sorry, his political opinions mean nothing to me. He made some good music, and got famous. But fame is not wisdom.

And as to the accusations about Armenta and maximization of profits, uh, pot calling kettle black here? The entire development of the Valley, the vineyards, the tourism in Solvang, the spaceport, etc were all driven by profit maximization. But goodness, *we* can do that, but not *them*.

Feel free to bulldoze your home, remediate your land back to pre-Columbian state, and donate it to the land trust if you want to prove you are not just a hypocrite. BTW, I bet the Chumash will start doing just that: they are rich enough to just purchase homes in the SYV and remediate them until they get a net-0 impact of Camp 4.

And I hate gambling. Really hate it. Have relatives and friends with ruined lives. Seriously gambling (including the lottery) should be restricted in its advertising just as cigarettes are.

On Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower

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