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Posted on May 10 at 1:42 p.m.

I think she'll appeal to the US Supreme Court, the International Court of Justice in the Hague, the floor of the UN General Assembly, and, of course, each of the Supreme Court, Judiciary Council, Tribunal of the United Federation of Planets.

On Court Rejects Wendy McCaw Appeal

Posted on May 10 at 2:50 a.m.

We're not slimy.

On Is Third Time a Charm for the 3rd District?

Posted on March 13 at 6:37 a.m.

I promise that if Santa Barbara County excuses me from sales and property tax that it will help. Something. Let's commission a study by County Staff, on that!

On Hotel Tax Rebate Moves Forward

Posted on March 8 at 4:36 p.m.

To call out the names of many local politicians specifically, and then claim you are not out to settle scores is pure hypocrisy.

Of course, Prof. McGinnes makes no mention of the taxpayer $ his group and/or Marc Chytilo received from their lawsuit against Caltrans. Now in their minds, I suppose, they rightfully deserve that $ for addressing wrongdoing by Caltrans.

But another perspective was: they were just having fun and getting paid for it while troubled people's lives were consequently ruined or ended by their actions. Of course Prof. McGinnes and Marc Chytilo would disagree with that assessment. But can they even imagine a difference between self interest and selfless dedication?

On Cold Spring Bridge Suicide Barrier Complete

Posted on March 1 at 7:31 p.m.

I keep hoping Etna will fix up a nice diorama of all the volcanos of the world, each 1" tall, in a plexiglas box in the turnout by the bridge. He could make them smoke at regular intervals, and have tiny people, maybe 0.01" tall, all around. It would be SO COOL! Maybe they could `toot toot' and sound like tiny saxophones!

Gosh what a wonderful barrier, it is totally great. It will save many lives and families. Hoo-ray... money well spent.


On Cold Spring Bridge Suicide Barrier Complete

Posted on January 19 at 3:47 p.m.

Maybe the majority of the problem is... `I feel native, so I don't have to try as hard.'

The most native types of people in the US are blacks and latinos... most `whites' have an immigrant ancestor who arrived after 1850. Most blacks in the US (with notable exceptions like Colin Powell and Barack Obama) have a most recent immigrant that came earlier than 1800.

The longer your family is here, the more relaxed you get. Decimating if you are also poor... and there are *plenty* of poor white people in the US who feel very native... remember, numerically more whites are on Food Stamps, etc.

It is just that as a fraction of the total, more whites get the `non-native immigrant boost' than any other race... except... Asian people... the immigrant boost is largest for them... most of the Chinese men who came in the 1850's weren't allowed to marry whites or bring over women to marry. So the Chinese feel super-non-native and motivated.

And going back... many of the most motivated black communities are recent African immigrants, Jamaican immigrants, etc.

So the Mexican immigrants feel too comfortable, just like many poor whites, and some blacks, `cause they've been on this Continent forever. Literally... many of the Mexican immigrants have significant Native American ancestry.

Generalizations are not perfect... there are plenty of super-motivated recent Mexican immigrants, as well as super motivated longtime black american people (Michelle Robinson/Obama, Oprah Winfrey, etc.). It is not race that matters, but when a group of people has a smaller fraction of recent immigrants in their background, that a larger fraction of that group starts to slack off and go criminal (*including* some poor whites).

BTW, when I first started reading billclausen, I thought the 2 countries were... Canada (rich one) and US (the poor violent one).

On Dog Like Me

Posted on January 13 at 9:03 a.m.

Great! Finally a cost effective way to actually save lives. The tragedy is that more lives were lost during the long duration when this project was delayed by the intense opposition.

Barriers do save lives. Of course rational people dispute that fact, and erect the straw man that the barrier is the only way our County is trying to prevent suicides. In reality lots of varied services are available and we need to encourage all people at risk to utilize them.

On Cold Spring Bridge Suicide Barrier Project Begins Next Week

Posted on December 29 at 4:09 p.m.

It is odd that School Districts have had to hold bond elections to build decent facilities, but the downtowns in Goleta and Santa Barbara, as well as the County RDA in Isla Vista, do not have to have any kind of election to spend lots of money on upgrades for business storefronts, on open space (Isla Vista), or for new public benches (Old Town Goleta).

Let's go ahead and try to do all the infrastructure projects that RDA now do... just do it with bond elections.

Gosh I have to pay all my sales tax all the time. Why shouldn't other states who purchase from California businesses have to pay theirs too?

On Bye-Bye to Redevelopment Agencies

Posted on December 5 at 11:57 a.m.

As far as we know (and more facts may eventually emerge on this point) Denunzio should not have been driving... suspended license. There is a bit of inconsistency in the additional claim that if he drove, he was supposed to have 0% alcohol, because if you are not supposed to drive in the first place, whey put an additional requirement on the alcohol level? In any case, he should not have been driving at all... he was in the wrong.

But then from the video you can see that the police car lights signaling `pull over' did not flash on until Denunzio was already turning into Ontare Plaza. That alone confuses the issue a lot for me, because it removes this situation from a normal, pull-over by the side of the road to a non-standard case of a policeman flashing lights in a parking lot. For example, I might have thought that the police was going to a call in Ontare or something; it would not be clear to me that *I* was the target.

Then Denunzio pulls into a parking spot, but he pulls forward past the center of the parking area and parks such that the front of his car is headed out. So seems to me he knew at that point that the cop was after him. Ideally at that point he should have done the `sit in the car, hands on the steering wheel' which I certainly always do.

But he chooses to get out of the car. There are two possibilities as to why: 1)He wasn't quite sure that he was being pulled over, and expected to have a conversation with the cop (and he was hoping that his own illegal driving was not the main reason for the cop being there); 2)He wanted to challenge the cop.

Now on the other hand: don't police cars have audio systems? Shouldn't Tudor have used his audio bullhorn to state `Sir, stay in the car', or `Sir, return to your car and sit down'?

Seems like Tudor got out of the car rather quickly and confronted Denunzio. Denunzio did not really try to escape; his slight turn and step toward Gelson's is insufficient for fighting a fleeing suspect.

At that point the situation goes FUBAR, and I see no glory for either Officer Tudor or Denunzio.

On Police Department Releases Tony Denunzio Arrest Footage

Posted on November 18 at 8:14 a.m.

I think the proposal is to raise Tricare premiums from $230/year for single people to $260/year, and from $460/year for a family to $520/year. Tricare premiums have not increased since 1996.

Gosh, my family now pays $20,000/year for health care insurance, and in 1996 we paid $8,000/year.

We all support the military and thank you and respect you for your service. Our Country is now in a terrible financial mess, however, and $30/year or $60/year is far less than the $12,000/year my family has had to pay in increases since 1996.

On Military Health Care

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