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Posted on March 11 at noon

I worked for Fred for 11+ years, starting on the Island Fox then the Hornet and really got to know him the many trips on the Condor. Plugging along at eleven knots towards San Miguel, her tender hull rolling heavy in the trough. He was kind and a joy to be around. He taught me much, his knowledge of marine mammals and their habits, navigation (pre-GPS) boat handling, work ethics and how to treat the customers. He had a certain flair when talking on the P.A. or to the marine operator. Referring to the whales as critters. One moonless night in a torrential downpour, Fred cranked Dark Side of the Moon, grasping the wheel. His grimacing smile and a twinkle in his eye, so happy to be alive and to be a part of the energy of the sea. I will never forget him and all he has done for the people and critters he has touched. Good by old friend…........ Capt. Tarek (Ace) Neumann

On Fred Benko: 1939-2013

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