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Posted on January 26 at 10:29 p.m.

Just saw this documentary at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. 1/26/2013

We were just trying to catch a movie before heading home, luckily there were two seats left.

First off I'm a fan of documentary films. But not a fan of war anywhere and least of all the age old conflict in Israel. I'm simply an arrogant American who's only experience with war is on television. And while I understand it's importance, the loss is too emotional for me to take on, and thus I avoid it.

This film chose me.

This is a story that puts a real face on what life is like for a small group of people, native Palestinians, in an area of the world that most people only know by flipping thru the channels on TV, like me.

It was visually beautiful, for the antiquity of the city of Akka, but the candid interviews could be people from any country where prejudice has the upper-hand. I was deeply touched by the conviction to country that these native Arabs displayed from all walks of life.

That taking a plunge off a cliff would not only be a fun bit of recreation, but a measure of their allegiance to their native land. Giving them hope, and a view to their future.

The Jews are squeezing them out, development money is squeezing them out. But they're willing to hold fast, not over religion, but over heritage.

It is a beautiful refreshing film that puts a new face on an old argument. And while the Jewish drama has been well documented. The native peoples rights have been swept under the rug for the most part. The film brings to light that they are people, like the rest of us, just wanting to live their lives on equal footing as everyone else.

See the film. It's truly a piece of humanity.

The Q + A after the film was delightful, and shows that this argument in Israel is fresh in the minds of many.

Kudos to the film makers. Thank you for taking the time to give us a personal look inside what it means to be Palestinian in Akka. And express that they're people worth caring about.

Well done.

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