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Posted on June 3 at 10:14 a.m.

I agree that SOS and its motivations are questionable. After doing my own investigating into the backgrounds of the board members and employees, I would like to add that the actions, motivations and integrity of their Executive Director, Judy Rossiter are also very much in question. She still claims that "She is also co-owner of a marketing and public relations company serving north Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties." That company (PRstore) went belly up just a couple of months after opening their doors in 2006, as a result of her refusing to make her capital contributions, breach of contract, fraud?, etc. I do not know all of the details; however, from what I have heard from several sources, the evidence against her points toward criminal intent without remorse. If I were her business partner, I would have sued her long ago. She would not comment.

On Goleta's Anti-Drilling Resolution Back to the Drawing Board

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