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Posted on September 25 at 8:57 a.m.

atomic_state… ``Obviously, I don't know whether this common cyclists' perversity…''

1)It is not common, the great majority of cyclists stay to the right of the fog line.

2)It is not a perversity. There are often parked cars, dumped car parts, trash, bottles, etc at the side if the road, usually left there by auto drivers. Sometimes it is necessary for cyclists to swerve around that trash.

3)Indeed in the picture of O'Neill riding, there might well have been a parked car or trash just ahead of the field of view portrayed in the photo.

4)There is no law requiring cyclists stay to the right of the fog line.

atomic_state said: ``But why the mania of so many spandex-clads to claim the auto lane? Get over yourselves before you get killed! Let your superhero outfits be your vain statement, and don't test your invulnerability. Needlessly annoying motorists is no way to inspire careful driving by them. How would you like it if motorists pulled to the right and drove 5 mph, causing YOU to hit the brakes?''

1)There is no mania, that is just exaggeration on your part, and all sorts of anxiety and prejudice is revealed by your screed.

2)Cars pull over in front of cyclists *all the time*. The most frequent case is to turn into driveways on the right of the roadway, and quite frequently I slow down and wait for them. Both cyclists and cars must make adjustments to get along.

On Truck-Bicycle Death Charges Filed

Posted on September 24 at 12:24 p.m.

Foxen Canyon road is not narrow. I've ridden and driven it many times, plenty of room, much more than the 154, although not 4 lanes like the 101.

AutoCoalition makes up facts and statistics, it is as simple as that. I doubt AutoCoalition favors the proposition that auto drivers should obey the law.

On Truck-Bicycle Death Charges Filed

Posted on September 23 at 1:33 p.m.

Fewer than 1% of the words AutoCoalition writes are accurate, and 0% our our policy should be based on his viewpoints.

It is time for a statewide initiative that taxes all vehicles based on a combination of their pollution and road damage contributions, using modern GPS tracking.

On Pedaling Safely in Our Communities

Posted on September 2 at 6:55 p.m.

I have no knowledge or opinion about supposed Marxists that some of the commentators are hysterically shrieking about. But your panic and hyperventilating sure convinces me you are not the kind of steady minds that are needed to do oil extraction right in Santa Barbara County.

I wasn't talking about water rights. Most people (although by no means all) in our County get their water & sanitation & electricity from public utilities. Not that public utilities are perfect, but they sure don't go hysterical and imagine Marxists under every bed if someone disagrees with them.

Sure, I'd prefer that gas & oil exploration & production be in the private sector. It just so happens that the gas & oil private sector behaved deplorably in Santa Barbara County. That was there free choice.

Don't ever hear an apology or acceptance of responsibility from the private gas & oil sector for the 1969 blowout. Even though the workers on Platform A said they were told to cut corners.

All we here is, `that was a long time ago, forget it.' Well, even Tex Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel, criminals from 1969, try to apologize and accept responsibility, but want everyone to forget their crime. Thank goodness they are kept in jail.

The 1969 blowout dwarfs the Watson/Krenwinkel crimes. I'm not forgetting.

On Students for Measure P

Posted on September 2 at 1:53 p.m.

I've been certainly impacted by Platform Holly, and spent a fair amount of time cleaning the shores in 1969.

Of course oil is crucial, almost as important as drinking water and sanitation. The agencies that supply drinking water and sanitation don't accuse me of being a Marxist though. That kind of crazy rhetoric is confined to the rabid oil folk, who, BTW, make a lot more money than those who run the sanitation & drinking water systems.

Nobody like the Saudis or the Kochs or the Rockefellers have profited from sewage and water system. Sure, one could argue that the water & sanitation district workers get generous salaries and pension benefits. But nothing compared to how water was run in Santa Barbara 110 years ago when my ancestors had to buy it. Thank goodness water is no longer privatized.

Don't know why oil attracts rabid crazies. We'd have a lot more oil production in this County if the crazies STFU, and focused on boring, reliable, safe, thoughtful production, and not whomping on everyone who points out their sorry record.

As for 1969: man up, nuffalready. Say directly: the oil industry did it, the oil industry is shoddy and careless. Until you do you you are just whistling in the breeze.

On Students for Measure P

Posted on September 2 at 9:52 a.m.

You'd think Marxist ninjas secretly caused the giant oil spill from Platform A in 1969, or the numerous hydrogen sulfide gas leaks at Platform Holly, or the even more numerous Greka oil leaks.

In reality it is the carelessness of the oil extraction industry that has ruined their reputation in Santa Barbara County. And it is conservatives here who have turned against the oil industry because the oil industry has been careless and duplicitous.

All the random spam posted here counts for nothing compared to what observant long term Santa Barbara County residents know: the oil industry cannot be trusted. And it is their own behavior, and lack of ability to man up and acknowledge that they have made huge mistakes here, that has hurt local energy production the most.

On Students for Measure P

Posted on September 1 at 6:11 p.m.

Wow, you'd think the 1969 oil spill, the 100's of spills at Greka, and the H_2S emissions from Platform Holly had never happened.

It is the oil industry that has shot itself in the foot in Santa Barbara County. Of course offshore oil extraction and onshore fracking could be done safely and effectively.

We in Santa Barbara County know the promises of care and upright honesty are not adhered to by the oil industry here.

Too bad. If the oil industry in the US had been more honest we'd not be so dependent on foreign oil. The US oil industry would rather bribe a Nigerian or Indonesian official than play fair in the US. Sadly, we all buy the oil that comes over on dangerous tankers.

On Students for Measure P

Posted on September 1 at 12:57 p.m.

Platform Holly hasn't folded its tent.

On Unintended Consequences

Posted on September 1 at 9:39 a.m.

hmm… huge $ figure fortunes from oil… Rockefeller, Carnegie, Getty, the Kochs… not to mention the Russian Oligarchs, Ambani, Al Amoudi, the Saudi Royals, Pemex, Standard Oil, Mobil, Chevron, etc.

And the list of green energy zillionaires is…. ??? Sorry, no comparison, just sophistry to try to equate the green energy industry with the tycoons above.

Of course we as a society consume oil and related products and so we share responsibility. The saddest part of all is that in all probability fracking and offshore oil extraction in Santa Barbara *could* be done safely and ethically, but through unethical and ruthless actions, the oil industry has peed in their own mess kit and turned a fairly conservative political population here against them.

Lots of conservative folks still remember the roustabouts from Platform A who said they were ordered from on high in Union Oil in the 1960's to cut corners.

Astroturf and propaganda won't succeed here. Continuing messes like Greka and Platform Holly gas releases have trumped all the propaganda. It is a pity, fracking could work here, but it is the oil industry through dishonest behavior that has turned people against them.

On Unintended Consequences

Posted on August 31 at 9:03 a.m.

It is the nature of all rules and law enforcement to restrict everyone because of the unreasonable behavior of the minority. That is why we have stop lights and speed limits although the majority of drivers would respect the rules.

If your job depends on oil production it was in your (and your predecessor's) best interest to have prevented the 1969 oil spill and Greka. Not to mention many H_2S releases from Platform Holly.

Unfortunately, you failed. Get on your big boy pants and take some responsibility, don't just try to snow people with propaganda. Lots of workers from Platform A came forward and described how careless in reality the operation was prior to the 1969 blowout. Man up and admit that the oil industry will be as careless as it can get away with, and will send private investigators and attorneys harass anyone who points out that truth.

Yes, I've experienced that first hand.

Maybe fracking could be done safely. But it is the oil industry that makes everyone doubt tracking due to the oil industry's own horrible ethics and misbehavior.

On Unintended Consequences

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