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Posted on June 13 at 1:40 a.m.

When will the County start insisting that the developer follow the rules that everyone else must follow--rules that were written and enacted into law for just this sort of development. This will be the largest development in Montecito for decades to come: wouldn't you think that it would receive the greatest scrutiny by the community and our government? Why would all the rules be dismissed on this HUGE project when they seem to be applied with a stick to every damned 10-foot balcony and padded toilet seat that needs a permit?

This community is parroting bytes crafted and slipped into the ether by the developer's PR agency. When did we start believing that this developer is, as one woman called him (in public...she said it in public. I cringe for her), our Prince Charming? Worse! The whole town is acting like a woman who marries an ugly man because she's been told that no one will ever ask her again...

This mega hotel and retail complex will be with us a lot longer than that marriage. Probably longer than the marriages of our children and grandchildren and...

How many of the people who've been filling blogs with their deepest thoughts about the now-famous 99 letters in the County file have read any of those letters?

If you take the time to do so, note that the roughly half that support the project are generic (read: vapid) repetitions of pep-fest songs by adoring fans--not logical comments by people who have done their homework.

And to all of you who insist that a "new EIR" isn't necessary: a new EIR can't be done because an EIR has never been done on the Miramar Hotel property.

Advice (that you didn't ask for): read everything about the Caruso plan on Blogabarbara, on this Indy site, and in the News-Press. Spend an hour at the County flipping through a few of the 99 letters (if you can get an appointment to get in). Then, in the privacy of your own house, sit quietly and ask yourself if you've been as discerning as you'd like to be. It's okay: no one need ever know that you're thinking out of the social box.

Ask yourself if it makes sense that a planner blew the whistle on the project because she couldn't bring herself to sign the document that had been taken out of her control and which said things she thought weren't true. Sure, some blogger tried to twist that one, but it really can't be twisted. I read that she's now working for the same company she worked at for 9 years before moving to the County job. Hard to fool an employer for 9 years. Hiring her back is the quintessential letter of recommendation.

Insist that the County follow the established procedure for reviewing the details of this massive project.

That's it: just ask that the laws be obeyed. Everything else will follow.

On Shootout at Miramar Corral

Posted on June 13 at 1:09 a.m.

When is the Grand Jury going to continue its way through the County hallways and uncover the unhealthy, illicit relationships with more than one developer? Michelle Gibbs was telling the truth.

On High Price for Neglect

Posted on May 10 at 1:39 p.m.

Is anybody awake out there?

On Montecito Debates Rick Caruso's Miramar Remodel

Posted on May 10 at 2:41 a.m.

There is no EIR in the County files because it does not exist: There has never been an EIR for the Miramar Hotel property -- not for Schrager, not for Warner, and not for Caruso.

Since the Jan. 25, 2007 announcement that the hotel had been sold again, our community has been drenched with one-sided information -- which is why so many people think an EIR exists. Combine that lack of information with unheard-of social and political pressure to get on board the express train to project approval, and you have an opportunity to make the biggest planning mistake this community has ever seen.

If this project is built as proposed, it will set a precedent for anything anyone ever wants to build in this community. For it ignores or demands exceptions to all the rules you and I and all of our neighbors have to follow when we want to add a small patio or replace a garage or reconfigure the windows in that upstairs back bedroom. And this isn't meant to say that if we couldn't do it, he shouldn't be able to either (although that's not a bad point). It's to remind you that what we all love about this community, what brought us or our ancestors here and what keeps us here--and what used to raise the furies of hell when someone tried to ruin it--was the semi-rural, human-scaled environment that has been protected until now primarily by the Montecito Community Plan. And while we could debate for days the issue of whether the past guardians were guilty of taking it too far, the point is that the system should not be tossed out the door simply because a large part of our small community has been convinced that this suitor will walk off and no one will ever again ask us to dance.

On Montecito Debates Rick Caruso's Miramar Remodel

Posted on May 9 at 10:35 a.m.

Have any of the Miramar Hotel's neighbors provided the County with contradictory engineering information to support their contentions about drainage and flooding? The answer is YES. And it's IN THE COUNTY FILES. Why isn't anyone talking about it?

On Montecito Debates Rick Caruso's Miramar Remodel

Posted on May 9 at 10:29 a.m.

Have any of the Miramar Hotel's neighbors provided the County with contradictory engineering information to support their contention? The answer is YES. And it's in the County files. But why isn't anyone talking about it?

On Literary, Liberal, Affordable Santa Barbara

Posted on May 8 at 2:10 p.m.

You can be a proponent of the Montecito Community Plan or the Caruso plan. Not both.

On Montecito Debates Rick Caruso's Miramar Remodel

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