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Posted on April 8 at 11:39 p.m.

Here's the thing - while it's true that most people probably had a good time, there were severe consequences from this year's gathering. Not to mention many students don't understand that the high level of law enforcement to keep things in check costs a lot of $$. As soon as students start realizing that things need to change and some degree of planning/organization makes sense, that crop of students graduate and the new kids arrive. I say this as a former IV resident. I love IV.

Part of being 18 is not always thinking through the consequences of your actions. It's almost like there needs to be an Orientation session not just for UCSB, but for Isla Vista itself. It would be great to see a student led movement to make some changes to make things safe, affordable for our government, and fun.

And it's not just students. Why do we have a square mile of 20,000 + people and the area is not incorporated? That's an outrage.

On Cal Poly Student Found Dead at Campus Point

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