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Posted on December 30 at 1:20 a.m.

ditto webster.

On Dies Family Awarded $2.5 Million Settlement

Posted on December 29 at 6:20 p.m.

And, I had forgotten, the point of the article was better healthcare for the military - i.e. those in uniform currently, and probably does not apply to Vets.

Thanks to Capps and Obama.

On Obama Signs Capps's Military Mom Health-Care Bill

Posted on December 29 at 6:18 p.m.

Obama has won the round against Putin, using common sense instead of listening to the rapid right hyperventilating that Putin is playing chess and Obama checkers. Actually, it has turned out the other way round - Putin has problems on his hands now thanks to the longer vision of Obama.

But when has JJ made sense. And it is President Obama, unless you do not like to respect the voice of democracy - i.e. the voters.

On Obama Signs Capps's Military Mom Health-Care Bill

Posted on December 29 at 6:08 p.m.

They filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the government earlier this year and signed the settlement on November 1, three days before the general election.

"signed the settlement on November 1, three days before the general election."

On Dies Family Awarded $2.5 Million Settlement

Posted on December 28 at 8:48 p.m.

Agreed. A contingent of negative nellies and know-it-alls are unfortunately typical of internet boards.

Non-native eucs are hazardous as they grow older, and not that great for native wildlife - who have evolved with native plants, and hence do better with them. In comparing a Coast Live Oak with a euc, the former hosts a veritable ecosystem of native organisms that a euc does not.

There are way too many eucs planted along the California coast.

On Vegetation Cleared from Douglas Preserve

Posted on December 28 at 1:34 p.m.

Talking about California rain patterns, here is an interesting article:

excerpt: "Storm and drought are essentially the whole story of water and life in California in ways that have always made hydro-environmental engineering a unique proposition there. To begin with, California experiences larger year-to-year variations in precipitation than elsewhere in the US, with standard deviations of annual precipitation between 30-50% of long-term averages, compared to 10-30% nearly everywhere else (map). California’s annual precipitation totals routinely vary from as little as 50% to more than 200% of long-term averages, with those dry excursions forming our droughts. This extreme variability arises because California’s Mediterranean climate only provides a limited seasonal window of precipitation events, and within that period a small number of storms deliver most of the State’s precipitation each year. If a few extra large storms reach California in a given winter, we can have a very wet year indeed; if some are lacking, we face drought. But the storm-drought connection is deeper and more pervasive in California than anywhere else in the US."

And this is an excellent twitter account to follow:

Thanks for the links.

On Local Websites Provide Real-Time Weather Information

Posted on December 26 at 1:59 p.m.

It benefits other countries to become efficient at hacking - note the success of the Syrian Electronic Army, and Russian hacking of Nuland's conversation about the Ukraine. If you think other countries, including North Korea, are not hacking, you are very naive. It is one of the few areas of "adversity" where other countries can be on a par with the US "war machine" without spending big bucks. It may not have been North Korea directly, but possibly indirectly. It also appeared to be a test of power - what threats could elicit what from the US, and thankfully it fizzled.

I find the article full of speculation, and the conspiracy theory posts about Obama (a guy who bends over backwards to avoid war) hilarious. Some people really like to go to the "dark corners" of the internet to believe whatever takes their fancy.

I do agree that there is no online privacy - that is an area that should receive the most attention by the US.

On UCSB Professor Examines Sony Hack

Posted on December 26 at 1:45 p.m.

African-American advancement was only possible with the Civil Rights movement. Was that a hate America movement because it wanted to change the status quo? No, it is love America to do better.

Also the slave population helped build America - it is only fair that belatedly some of them get to benefit. As Chris Hayes says, one does not have to accept that "life is not fair", but work to make it fairer. The fairer it is, the more peace there is.

Estevan said: “I felt the prejudice some people have for those who are poor — I could see it in the way people looked at us. They didn’t respect us.” Yes, that is a universal failing of humans - when often the poor are the most generous and kind, values that should be applauded more than "being rich".

On Three Wise Ones

Posted on December 24 at 12:36 p.m.

Local heroes who walk the walk. Thank you.

On In from the Cold

Posted on December 18 at 3:50 p.m.

Adding to this fallacy are the assumptions surrounding Mitt Romney’s now infamous comments about the indolent “47 percent” of Americans who regard themselves as victims and therefore pay no taxes. As the American Conservative magazine (no less) pointed out recently, nine of those 10 states are in the red-as-ruby Old Confederacy.*

First, if you live in the United States, you're a Taker. It's not the 47%. It's the 100%. Government provides services and benefits that are impossible not to take, from national defense, to infrastructure, to food and drug safety. We're all beneficiaries of not getting invaded, having roads, and not getting poisoned by our dinner and over-the-counter medication.

Second, if you work in the United States, you're a Maker. It's not the 15 million -- that 10% households who owe most federal income taxes. It's the 155 million -- the labor force, not counting the millions of people who want but cannot find a job. It's true that richer people pay more. But they also earn more. The top 1% pays more federal taxes than the bottom 60% combined. That sounds outrageous. But the top 1% also makes more than the bottom 40% combined.

I really hope the stir over Romney’s political snuff film will help end the slur that half the country pays no taxes. As many political reporters who never bothered to correct that nonsense when it wasn’t part of a “gaffe” are finally pointing out, the 47% of Americans who don’t pay something imprecisely called income taxes do cough up payroll taxes on their income as well as state and local taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes and other taxes. And most of us cough up more than the 13% of Romney’s (unearned!) income that he paid in 2011 while running for President. It’s hard to say if we pay more than Romney did before that, because, well, you know.

There are more articles debunking the 47%, including the fact that the Bush tax cuts moved some who were paying income taxes to not paying income taxes.

In fact it has been so thoroughly debunked, that anyone who continues to parrot it is a sheep.

At the end of that, thanks and appreciation to IV. Many countries are taking steps to end homelessness, because people who are housed are more likely to be able to find a job - even if they earn too little to pay income tax on lousy pay - that has flatlined since RR.

On Homeless Move into New Isla Vista Digs

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