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Posted on May 23 at 5:36 p.m.

Seriously, is there a single one of these issues where the exalted Montecito Association (MA) waded in shoulders-deep when the MA actually added any value to the discussions? Any at all?

The MA quadrupled the cost of that innocent little "safe-path-for-kids-to-walk-to-school" along San Ysidro road. (Did the MA really think is was acceptable to have kids walking along the SYR pavement, being buzzed by MA Bentleys and Maseratis, to get to school?). The MUS school's legal fees were a crazy burden for the District to shoulder just to add a sidewalk. Oops, we can't have a sidewalk... This is Montecito Association territory!
We have a crushed Italian granite pathway, loving quarried by artisans from Palermo, meandering through our semi-rural enclave. Geez, just give the kids a sidewalk!

The Montecito Association has driven every ( billionaire ) developer crazy with irrational demands for the Miramar. Remember when the MA demanded Ty Warner "maintain the historically significant cabanas of Miramar" in his project? (aka the rat-infested firetraps of Miramar). Ultimately, MA drove Ty Warner to abandon the project to Caruso, who's now getting the same kind of bizarre treatment. Fortunately, Caruso had the good sense to show the rest of the community what dumps those cabins were and sanity returned. Those awful cabanas are gone forever-- no thanks to the MA.

So, NO, Montecito Association adds Zero Value to these discussions. None. Please, irrational rich guys, please depart the discussion and leave it to the professionals. Kindly take your crazy plan for Patos and keeping those dangerous left access ramps with you!

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