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Posted on September 28 at 11:09 a.m.

On The Petroleum Economy

Posted on September 25 at 6:20 p.m.

I have studied the pending Measure P legislation and find it to be ambiguous and misleading.

(What part of it is ambigous and or misleading, please reference the actual language in the measure you find to be Misleading and or Ambigous).

It extends beyond fracking, a technique that is not even practiced in Santa Barbara County.
(While fracking has not been practiced recently it has occurred in the past. It is also something that oil companies would like to return to...see Monterey Shale.)

It is a ban against all forms of oil and gas extraction, and if it passes, it will sharply increase California’s dependence on foreign oil.

(It is not a ban on all forms of oil and gas extraction, it is a ban on High intensity Petroleum Operations, Fracking, acid and solvents in an effort to extract oil. Please Read the Measure.)

We currently import over 18 percent .. (Oil importation has been decreasing from Iraq. If you are worried about this switch to Solar. Fracking causes earthquakes, toxic water that goes into the ground water).

Next time you go to the pump, ask yourself: Would I rather my dollar go to countries in the Middle East or Russia or to my local community to create more jobs and boost the local economy?

(When you go into the polling booth, ask yourself do I want to be doing chemo therapy battling multiple bouts of cancer.Do I want my home prices to plumet because this is no longer an area of the world people want to live in. Do I want more earthquakes to be caused so that I can save an extra dollar when I fill up my car.)

Gas prices are high as it....
(Jobs will not be lost, as oil operations will continue, only new fracking jobs that our not performed currently in the county will be at risk. Please read the Measure. California has a higher tax on Oil in effort to provide better roads and to curb pollution. An increase will probably occur anyway as cars are getting better milage).

California has been and continues to be in need of locally produced oil because we are one of the largest consumers in the United States. I urge voters to further research Measure P before voting. Let’s keep Santa Barbara flourishing and healthy. Please vote no on Measure P.
(California is one of the lowest per capita energy users in the U.S.A. Fracking will not keep it healty in fact it will do the exact opposite.)

I implore you to please READ THE LEGISLATION. If you still feel that their is something that you don't like beyond the arguments and the rebuttal please state exactly what language you dislike in the Bill. If you are afraid of responding I will assume that you are part of an organization that is providing misinformation about the measure.


On The Danger of Measure P

Posted on October 4 at 4:10 p.m.

I don't understand why another Democrat doesn't challenge Lois Capps for the seat. If you look at the legislation that she has Authored and passed. It is 1 bill for land rights conveyed to the department of Interior. I am not necessarily in favor of Abel Maldonado as I do not know very much about him. However I hope the Independent would mention her lack of effective legislation the next time they do their recommendations for which candidate to vote for in the upcoming election. She is a largely ineffectual leader.

On Farmer Fights Nurse for Congress

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