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Posted on November 1 at 9:49 a.m.

Just a quick response to some of the above comments...

Montecito Staffs more personnel per day than does Carpinteria. Obviously not twice the number, but nonetheless. Business in Montecito costs more, obviously. Who would really choose to spend $8.5 million to build a station that could be built in Santa Maria for $2 million?

Regarding SB City - SB City has a whole city of staff whose salaries, facilities, benefits and other costs are not figured in the fire department budget. Montecito has to make all of those things happen in house - Building construction and Maintenance, Vehicle maintenance, Administrative personnel, etc. Of course, the argument could continue indefinitely regarding peoples worth vs. value.

Part of the issue, right or wrong, is that it is in Montecito. Montecito Public Schools spend $20,000 per student while the SB County average is only $6,000 per student. Does that mean that people in Montecito should expect their schools to spend less?

If you compare Montecito's service employees to like cities and towns across the state, I bet you'll find that they are at the lower end of pay and benefits. Comparing Montecito to Carpinteria is not an "apples to apples" comparison. Try Novato, or Santa Monica, or even Beverly Hills.

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