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Posted on October 23 at 10:13 a.m.

In all the subterfuge by Wendy McCoo-Coo and her minion of toady and money-seeking syncopants, has managed to obfuscate the point of this whole affair. All the employees of the News-Press voted to bring in the Union. The right of every American is the ability to seek representation and organize in the workplace. After a legal vote, Mr. McCaw refused to recognize the wishes of her employees - or their votes. She is a tyrant, after all, tyrants don't like Democracy. If she would have had her way, no one in Santa Barbara would have been allowed to WALK ON THE BEACH anywhere near her house. Have we forgotten THAT lawsuit? The point of the litigation is Mrs. McCaw illegally trying to shut the union out of her workplace after a legal vote by its employees. The hiring or firing of these six employees is a secondary case. Why were these six employees fired? For publically complaining that they voted in a union and Mrs. McCoo-Coo has refused to recognize it. She is a Billionaire with nothing to do with her money but sue people.

The problem with the News-Press is that it is now run by syncopants under McCaw, who will do whatever she says because like all Billionaires there are dozens of hanger-ons hoping crumbs of her fortune will fall into their greedy fingers. People like Steepleton, Armstrong, Katich - all doing her bidding. Please visit http://santabarbaranewspressblogcom.b... to get the real news. Whoever writes that blog is a real journalist, unlike the Republican dragoons who Mrs. McWhackjob has hired to spew her ideological venom into the Santa Barbara community.

On Fired <em>News-Press</em>ers Don't Get Jobs Back, Yet

Posted on October 17 at 11:36 a.m.

Interesting there's so much hoopla made over these Latino attackers .... while on the WASP side of town, a student is laying permanently disfigured in the hospital because his face was turned into mush against a sidewalk by 2 San Marcos football players. This story gets no coverage because their rich parents intimidate school officials and teachers to shut up. Independent? Want to look into that one. I saw a watered down version in the News Press on Sunday. Want to give us the full story? Or are we living in some redneck Texas town where football players can get away with anything they want....

On Accused Eastside Attackers in Court

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