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Posted on October 4 at 7:59 a.m.

What chilldrifthenight writes is true regardless of the school, the district, the city, the state, or the country. It is called human nature and exists everywhere we live.

The child wearing the diaper has just as much right to attend public schools as the child not wearing a diaper. What follows having to sit in soiled diapers, or sit next to the person with soiled diapers, is the same...A disgusting and inhuman experience.

Would this be any different an outcome in a workplace environment? Would the same circumstances lead to a "hostile work environment" cause of action?

Don't all individuals have the right to work and be schooled in an environment that is free from offensive odor, language, and behavior? After reading these posts, I wonder about all the rights being violated and all the obligations not being honored.

On Parent Files Lawsuit over School Bullying

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