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Posted on November 29 at 8:34 a.m.

god forbid that great unwashed (ie, the non enviro-elites) be allowed to go anywhere even CLOSE to these islands....lets make only the exception of the Park Service employees the Conservancy and a few other environmental elitists are the only people allowed there....

On Future of the Channel Islands

Posted on October 30 at 7:39 a.m.


Oil, by law can NOT be exported. It is 100% against the law, so that rumor is untrue.

However in the end, oil is a product sold on a WORLD WIDE market; it is priced accordingly.

So it makes little if any difference, if it is sold here or abroad. the prices will equilibrate based on WORLDWIDE supply and demand.

On 110 New Oil Wells On the Way?

Posted on October 25 at 8:01 a.m.

buy 1400 acres, then decide to call it an indian reservation for the sole purpose creating a benefit a tiny group of the many of them are there sharing in this, 90?

the whiteman should be so lucky

On Chumash Call on Congress for Camp 4

Posted on August 27 at 10:56 a.m.

Again, Matt, there has been, count them, TWO, instances of ground water contamination, both of which were in the Marcellus shale in PA, both involving situations in which the local ground water management agencies failed in their responsibility to notify the natural gas driller of water wells. Had the regulatory agency done its job properly, the gas driller would have never perforated in the aqueous zones.

That is the sum total of facts in which fracking has resulted in ground water contamination...

With 10s of thousands of wells having been fracked, I'd bet on those odds...that's not to say regulatory oversight is not required. It is, but these practices monitored and overseen by a long list of rules and regulations, which (as technology develops) are continuing to evolve and adapt to new technologies, (such as the use of increased pressure or multiple stage fracks).

Further, you've neglected to note that fracks are increasingly making use of environmental benign solutions (which include Orange Oil among other things0 which further mitigates the risks you are concerned with...that is to say the oil service industry is taking many steps, on its own, to mitigate your concerns.

Good luck with your research, stick to the facts next time...

On What Is Offshore Fracking?

Posted on August 26 at 2:24 p.m.

Matt, your article is pure drivel....again more disorganized, biased, and baseless garbage from The Not So support liberal minded, one sided, nitwits who seem to think the world is an orb revolving around Santa Barbara...

We've been fracking offshore wells in CA for thirty years; and on shore for almost as long, without ONE incident or problem directly relating to fracking.
Even in the Pennsylvania Marcellus shale, there have been more more than TWO issues of water intrusion relating to fracking, which happened in an area with a high density of wells, in a shallow formation, with water wells which had not been logged or identified, so it was NOT even the fault of the drillers...

So cut the BS, MATT, STICK WITH THE FACTS, and if you're going to write an article on fracking, at least use what little skills you and your compatriots at the Independent may have and at least make an attempt to write a factually correct, balanced article....something which you and everyone else on your staff seems incapable of.

On What Is Offshore Fracking?

Posted on August 25 at 8:11 a.m.

There's only 126 Indians who get the stipend...and thousands of other relatives? what's with THAT?????

I think a few more Indians should poke their noses under the Wigwam...

On County Denies Chumash Special Treatment

Posted on August 25 at 8:07 a.m.

Its about time the Indians have to answer to the same rules and regulations we do, especially in this case where their nation is annexing previously unsovergn property.

Its like a divorced spouse....she's given a few years of alimony to get her act's not supposed to be a handout....either she does, or she doesn't but either way, the dole stops after a few years.

So should it be this case the Indians have had GENERATIONS to do just that...they've largely done it, and now it is time for them to behave like citizens

On County Denies Chumash Special Treatment

Posted on August 23 at 7:20 a.m.

"When administrators of Casa Esperanza homeless shelter sent out a desperate call for financial help three years ago, part-time Montecito resident and Texas industrialist Harold Simmons ​— ​also a major funder of right-wing causes ​— ​wrote a check for $220,000 on the spot and has sent annual checks of $25,000 since."

Another heartless conservative 'funder of right wing causes" doing the right thing...and do I hear you calling out for 2 more candidates to help fill the gap?

The way you're asking for it, you might have better luck with a hypocritic Tesla driving Liberal...

On Homeless Shelter Cutbacks

Posted on August 23 at 7:13 a.m.

It sure beats looking at a hole in the ground and among other things, provides jobs and tax revenues. waht's wrong with that nick? maybe welfare rolls and holes in the ground are preferable...keep up with your writing and grammar classes by the way...this article was almost readable.

On La Entrada Gets Green Light

Posted on August 21 at 7:31 a.m.

Highway 101 is a cornucopia of CALTRANS highway standards infractions. There's at least 75 miles of 'non freeway' through monterey county, consisting of left hand off ramps, on ramps, cross traffic intersections and open driveways, and CALTRANS is worried about 2 left hand exits in Montecito..

Get with it guys, you've got bigger problems just a few miles to the North.

Leave the left hand ramps, save the space and the money, reduce the speed limit and be done with it.

On Mayor Plays Power Politics

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