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Posted on October 25 at 12:06 a.m.

The statements in this article are mostly false. How dare you publish such smut about something you don't understand and will never. It is fine if you have grown up in the california suburbs and never been exposed to our way of life but how dare you weigh in on a topic that you have no real knowledge of. If you actually look at the facts hunters are some of the biggest wildlife activists around. We care more about the environment than the city dwellers that destroy it. I can not believe the nerve on people to contest american tradition and heritage. I bet your great grandparents would be ashamed to have you bare their name. If you don't understand things that is fine but don't weigh in on issues that you have no business in. Your oppinions are what they are and I know nothing I say will change that. But they are idiotic and are a result of your poor education on the topic. This is basic species conservation, which you obviously don't understand. Man is in the food chain whether you like it or not. We always have been a functioning part of this ecosystem. Take away the biggest preditor of the food chain and you will not like the result. Ps my abused dog is sleeping in bed beside me with his 2 dollar bone. Why don't you ask him how much he hates hunting. But oh ya he should have been dead 5 years ago according to your article.

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