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Posted on January 11 at 11:06 a.m.


Do you understand what you are even saying? In Free Open societies we don't get to decide who can live in certain cities, we don't get to set limits to population, and population distribution. Yes we live in a coastal desert, yes we have drought, yes we have more people than we used to. We have to live with a changing world and make the best of what we have today.

Higher densities also is not necessary all bad. People may learn that getting out of their car - using more shared transportation (which is only economical at higher densities) reduces stress - creates more space for social and recreation, creates a better life balance.

Furthermore - maybe we can start keeping kids that graduate from UCSB in the community - creating jobs and industry for Santa Barbara. Right now we force our brightest grads outside the community to places like SF, Seattle, and NYC for jobs and career.

Limiting population is a great way to insure the community stops growing, and dies.

On D Is for Drought

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