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Posted on December 1 at 9:46 a.m.

What a tragic history for a bank founded by talented responsible businessmen, destroyed by talentless management by Thomas, Leis and Ed Birch, raped by a Texas billionaire who bargained until 6AM with the incompetent executives. At 10AM they announced the agreement with Ford which dropped the stock (owned by thousands of Santa Barbarans including employees) from $30 to 20 cents! Ford then sold his new investment to the Japanese for 45 cents a share ($45 after the REVERSE split!) and pocketed a huge profit! Leis, Birch, Thomas and Ford count their profits and shareholders, former employees and employees look to a miserable future.
How sad for Santa Barbara and misguided capitalism.

On Grim Friday Comes for SBB&T Employees

Posted on September 13 at 10:28 p.m.

What a stupid kissing up to the dumb museum establishment that just cut free admissions from all day Sunday to THREE hours Wednesday evening! This museum was founded by serious well meaning people in 1941 who insisted it be FREE TO ALL! Some bozo Chicago ad man on the board instituted the $3 admission (now $10!) about 1985. This genius decision now results in trivial gross $168,000 admissions for a budget of millions and eliminates thousands of potential visitors. This is absolute NONSENSE when you stop to think of the REAL purpose of the museum! It is NOT to provide secure employment to a tribe of modest talents; it is to bring art appreciation to anyone who wants it! Wake up to the real purpose or see us members burn our membership cards on your front steps!! I will no longer tolerate this obscene diversion from the founders purpose!!!

On Great Art Goes Free

Posted on August 29 at 4:34 p.m.

The stated purpose of the SBMA is "To integrate art into the lives of people." I don't feel any joy or enthusiasm.

On Art Museum Cancelling Free Sunday Admission for Families

Posted on August 25 at 9:17 p.m.

I think they have lost sight of their purpose and goals.Perhaps we should schedule a time and event to burn our membership cards on their front steps. What do you think?/

On Art Museum Cancelling Free Sunday Admission for Families

Posted on August 24 at 9:27 p.m.

Let's have someone from SBMA tell us exactly what is the purpose of our art museum. I think I know what the purpose the founders had in mind. It was not to be a community cellar to store art works in and not a place for the un cultured $$$ class to show their status at tasteless parties! We now have an institution where fundraising and job security are supreme. Trophy brides and uncultured businessmen make up the board where a requirement is $$$ donation each year. Leadership talent is ignored in favor of fund raising: no UCSB faculty will ever be on the board again because of this requirement. $$$ rules. Decisions will come from an executive committee rather than from a board of token donors with little talent.
Wright Ludington, Buell Hammett, Ala Story, Donald and Esther Bear, Preston Morton and Margaret Mallory would be shocked!

On Art Museum Cancelling Free Sunday Admission for Families

Posted on August 24 at 6:02 p.m.

Our museum was founded to be "free to all". Go back and read the documents from the 1940's. The annual reports even say bartering goods for menbership (admission to lectures and opening galas) is acceptable. The whole concept was art for everyone. The building, once the post office, was gifted to the county by our government. This charitable concept survived about 50 years until a Chicago ad man on the board pled for admission charges. The money from admissions amounts to very little in terms of the budget and the fact that it reduces attendance very significantly. I will never donate art works to a pretend educational/cultural institution that doesn't make them available to ALL.
This is a shameful situation that needs to be totally evaluated. Museums all over the world are changing to donation admissions. Nothing is worse than seing a tourist family with several children turn around at the entry when the $$$ admission is displayed.
I'll be there with a poster "Free at last, free at last" if they ever wake up to their real responsibilities.

On Art Museum Cancelling Free Sunday Admission for Families

Posted on August 19 at 1:22 p.m.

Turn both outfits over to Bain Capital and see what happens!

On Cox Cable Customers May Lose KEYT

Posted on August 19 at 9:07 a.m.

I think COX started today by turning the Ch3 audio down 25%! Both outfits are losers!

On Cox Cable Customers May Lose KEYT

Posted on August 19 at 7:02 a.m.

Get George Leis in the negociation. He gave SBBT away in a 4 AM bargaining session with the Texans!

On Cox Cable Customers May Lose KEYT

Posted on August 18 at 1:14 p.m.

COX owns Santa Barbara. Their tech service is superb - the rest is worthy of the Chicago Mafia! It's a rip and will die of it's own abuses.
What do we have to do to get Ch3 w/o cable - buy rabbit ears? Times change!

On Cox Cable Customers May Lose KEYT

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