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Posted on November 3 at 3:53 p.m.

I get so tired of seeing the same dishonest narrative about the unfunded liabilities. Those spouting such narratives never, ever note that Calpers lost 1/3 (!) of its value during the financial meltdown. Nor do they note the fact that for years, it was common knowledge that public workers traded lower salaries for the security of pensions.
From an article last year: "In the boom of the late 1990s, investment returns were high and pension programs were well-funded all over the state, so bargaining units were able to negotiate increasing the cap for payouts and more generous formulas. All enhancements to city benefits were negotiated by the City Council, often in lieu of salary raises, according to Kristy Schmidt, the city’s employee relations manager."
Those are the two big factors behind the public pension problem. Unfortunately, there are those who are inclined to ignore the facts and repeat lies about "reckless" city councils and "greedy" public employees. Their rejection of the facts, however, doesn't change the facts.

On Complete the sentence: Cruise ships

Posted on November 2 at 4:25 p.m.

Bill - It's not "protection money". It's called "rent". Do you actually believe that the county should provide buildings to private businesses without charging any rent?

On Pet Wash Stations To Be Removed

Posted on November 2 at 11:52 a.m.

volok - Has Lesley recently done something to show she's made a complete about-face from her years of supporting parks--including skate parks? She's been Chair of the Parks Commission for how many years now? During that time she's never done anything but be a strong supporter of parks. If you care about parks, one would think you'd want the former Parks Chair on the Council, as she's very knowledgeable of Santa Barbara parks' needs.
Unless you have something specific to offer to support your claim about Lesley wanting to hurt the city's parks, I have to assume you're simply passing along misinformation.

On Lesley Wiscomb's View

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