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Posted on February 21 at 3:47 p.m.

1) Armenian Genocide is not "legally" founded . Because there is no court decision of any competent court as is required by the " Genocide Convention of 1948. Moreover, European Human Rights Court (EHRC) the highest international tribunal in the world, ruled, in its verdict for Perincek v. Switzerland case on 17 December 2014 that " genocide is precisely defined legal concept"- neither political- parliamentarian, governmental, institutional)- nor historical concept, to exist. Particularly historians' research, the verdict emphasizes, is "open by definition to discussion and debate , without necessarily giving rise to final conclusions to the assertion of objective and absolute truths.

3) L.A. Times assessment " the Armenian genocide was the first genocide of that century is nothing but a"journalese; therefore of no value.

4) Teaching a non-occured " genocide" in schools is an offence not only to children and men, yet particularly to Armenians and Turks. Such practices serve nothing than scattering hate seeds among children and teachers.. It is a criminal offence!

5) Negation of history? Whose history, which history?
Besides,Isn't historians' research, are "open by definition to discussion and debate , without necessarily giving rise to final conclusions to the assertion of objective and absolute truths".
Moreover there is no consensus among the historians as regards the occurrence of an " Armenian genocide" and a Turkish one.

7 )I love museums and churches where I see and enjoy (however mostly religious) art, architecture, music and mankind. Yet if one is called "Museum of Tolerence" and does not give place to the sufferings of Ottoman Muslims, together with that of Armenians, it is not a Museum of Tolerence.

8) I would sugggest, , that Armenians face properly with their own history as of 1890's , starting courageously, probably by reading e.g. Mehmet Perincek's, SS Aya's works. The Former's books being couched on he basis of Rusian -Armenian sources in Russian and the Soviet archives are most instructive.
b- leave thinking of agressive policies " to gain victory at all cost" , and openly regret and apologize i.a. for old violences perpetrated. ; kincluding killing of innocent Turkish diplomats as of 1975.

Why Armenians and Turks, leaving aside the mutually tragic events of 1915s, shouldn't play their existing common chords of many colours, share mutual sufferings, and a variety of common values displaying determination for a common peaceful living they had shared for 8 centuries, and for an ideal aiming at " peace at home , peace in the world" starting with securing peace and love for their inner spaces?

Here is a seldomly known lovely saying in Turkish. I feel it to say:: "Benim Arap oynadi" - meaning I am having a spell of good hope(luck)-

Who knows, may be we borrowed it from our Armenian friends who would not retort : "benim Arap oynamadi"!

Ülkü Başsoy

On Millions Were Lost in Armenian Genocide

Posted on February 3 at 10:50 a.m.

European Human Rights Court( EHRC) verdict of 17 Dec.2013 on the Perincek v. Switzerland case emphasized tha t" the genocide is precisely a legal concept".
For the Crime of genocide to be qualified as such( in the meaning of the 1948 " UN Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide", a decision of an appropriate international court is the "sine qua non"..
Therefore all parliamentary, governmental, ecclesiastical and international organisations' , classroom decisions, are thereby " nul and void".

Armenian genocide proponemts have to face it, and concede.

What's more, the EHRC distinguihed the holocaust from the "Armenian Genocide-claims..
Hence the "Armenan Genocide is not the first genocide" in the 20th century, yet " an international- empeirialist lie" as Perincek put it before unashamed Swiss Courts, and the EHRC.
Ulku Bassoy

On Armenian Genocide Not Legally Founded

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