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Posted on January 17 at 5:05 p.m.

A fish ladder or trapping and hauling steelhead around Bradbury Dam will not lead to recovery of a sustainable population and will not enable them to be delisted. See this recent study blasting such short-term band-aid fixes:

Such fish passage options also fail to address water quality degradation, non-native species, and wasted water caused by the dams. Similarly, there is not enough habitat downstream Bradbury Dam (Cachuma Reservoir) to support a viable wild steelhead population or restore the lost nutrients these annual runs of fish swam up the entire watershed and tributaries for other species to thrive on, including humans.

There are 3 large dams and reservoirs on the river:

Gibraltar Reservoir is over 60% filled in with sediment and is projected to be filled in with sediment before 2030.

Jamison Reservoir is filling in with sediment quickly as well.

Cachuma Reservoir is filling in with sediment more quickly each year as upstream dams fill in and pass more sediment downstream to be trapped there. Cachuma Reservoir currently losses approximately 450 acre feet of water storage per year due to sedimentation and losses approximately 16,000 acre feet per year due to evaporation from the reservoir.

Every time it rains, and the river carries sediment downstream, these reservoirs trap the sediment and loss water storage capacity and our regional water reliability is compromised. The long-term solution for steelhead AND our water future is to invest in groundwater recharge and storage (no water losses due to annual sedimentation or evaporation), off-stream storage, water conservation measures, and water efficiency measures to offset the need for the dams and then remove them.

Such a plan can be implemented over the course of the next few decades, support local jobs, and result in a more reliable water supply, free flowing river, and recovered steelhead population. There is no quick fix and a long-term vision must be developed or we're all fish out of water.

On Council, Steelhead Swim Upstream

Posted on August 13 at 2:01 p.m.

What a joke this proposed project is. I can't think of a bigger waste of money. If someone want's to end their life without harming other people, let them. They probably think they are going to a better life, like most of the people in our country do for some reason. For the rest of us, use our tax dollars on something beneficial.

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