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Posted on December 6 at 8:29 a.m.

I am very disappointed by the way Indy cover all Climate change issues. This kind of highly biased journalistic is not the think I expect from my favorire newspaper. After all it is called "Independent" and making headlines like "Climate chaneg deniers cost the earth" is not I would expect form decent newspaper. Calling names is not a civilzed way of solving global problems. How about "Eco-Natzis use fraud to get billions". Not pleasant yes? Lets forget about lying scientist getting billions. If you use fraud to get money you should go to jail. But this is not the most important question now. What is important is the climate change human made and if it is what is the best way to solve the issues.

Is the best policy spending trillions just to slow this inevitable process with say 20 years or to spend the same money to take advantage of it and to feed the dying and develop the whole world for good, like providing education and health.

And to spend some money on something constructive like nuclear fussion?

What we need is civilzed dialog not eco-junky name calling here.

And I do not see this hapennning in Independent righ now.

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