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Posted on September 20 at 10:10 p.m.

While I hate to seem pedantic, and while SB is many things, one thing it certainly is not is "one of the climbing capitals of the world".

I'm not sure who fed Matt this remarkably spurious bit of misinformation, but really: Bishop, Boulder, Bend? All plausible. Chamonix, Squamish, Yosemite, Fontainebleau? Yep. SB? Not so much...

In fact, there has been relatively little development here since Steve Edwards put out the bouldering guide "Ocean's Eleven" over a decade ago. Sure, some of this is due to lack of a cohesive community, but most is down to the basic lack of solid rock.

While I hope that the advent of the gym spurs another cycle of exploration and development- who knows? there may be a boulder field of the scope quality of Hueco Tanks or Rocklands out there in the hills- SB remains at this point very much a marginal- albeit enjoyable and beautiful- climbing locale...



On Cliffhanging for All

Posted on September 20 at 9:59 p.m.

RIP, Tom. Pure Juice...

On Saying Goodbye to a Legend

Posted on September 11 at 7:53 a.m.

People can talk all they want about the "inevitability" of the end of good, small, independent bookstores owned by passionate book lovers, and it may be so- but it doesn't ease the sense of loss over the closure of Thrasher's.

I have never once gone in and not walked out with something great- and, usually, something far different than what I thought I was looking for, so superb is the selection there.

Efficiency, cost- important, sure, but the warm, human, nourishing experience of buying a book from Thrasher's is simply absent in downloading a volume to your iPad.

Thanks you, Barbara, and thanks to all the great bookstore owners- you're very much appreciated.


Jeff Butler

On Thrasher Books to Close

Posted on August 23 at 5:47 p.m.

@fearbeneath: With a histrionic, overblown name like yours, and silly, dramatic headlines on your website such as, "Great White Sharks Invade Santa Barbara", you- and your organization- are as about as "fair and balanced" as Fox News- which is to say, not at all. Stop your nonsense and fear mongering, please. Ans cease and desist with the plugs for your website while you're at it.

On Santa Barbara's Summer of the Shark

Posted on July 20 at 8:43 a.m.

With all respect, I'm pretty confident that few would consider the Black Crowes to be either seminal or a psych-rock outfit. A great band, for sure, but not quite pysch-rock...

On Chris Robinson Gets Back to Basics with New Band

Posted on July 17 at 9:18 a.m.

Am I correct in reading that your buddy called SAR after you were a mere couple of hours late? Really? And this, after you apparently felt that the need to pursue your vision quest mitigated the your responsibility to operate within your personal comfort zone in the backcountry (i.e. in this case, traveling with a partner)? Wow, man- just wow. Since '71, huh?

On 39-mile Backpack Over Mission Pine Ridge

Posted on May 29 at 5:11 a.m.

"I admit I dislike meeting bikers on the trail (I bike only on roads), and horses, but I also have to admit that the bikers do some helpful maintenance."

Well, as an avid mountain biker, I admit I dislike meeting hikers on the trail (I don't bike on roads) and horses, but I also have to admit that the hikers do some helpful maintenance.

On Nineteen Oaks and Hidden Potrero Camp via Camuesa Connector Trail

Posted on May 8 at 10:21 p.m.

Superb column- exceedingly well-considered and well-written.

Thanks and regards,


On Rocky Ridge Off-Trail Scramble

Posted on April 23 at 4:11 p.m.

Fine article, Dan- but do you really need to use wood for your fire?

Frankly, at this point, we should all be on the same page with regards to the fact that using wood to build a fire in the backcountry is simply not justifiable, and results in needless environmental degradation. A stove- whether an MSR or a solid fuel model such as this: is a much better option, is less of a pain in the neck, is faster, and results in no degradation...


Jeff Butler
Los Olivos

On Little Pine Mountain Easy Backpack

Posted on March 31 at 9:17 a.m.

Not sure what's more chagrin-inducing here: the writer's sycophantic approach to the article and his subject, or the fact that the Indy saw fit to publish on a chubby, wholly irrelevant, silly, out-of-shape, arrogant nincompoop. Next time I see this prick in the lineup, I'm burning him, on general principles alone...

On On Fire with Arson

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